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Test Bank for Psychology 6th Edition By Saundra Ciccarelli J. Noland White ISBN 9780135212431 (Complete Download)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Science of Psychology 2. The Biological Perspective 3. Sensation and Perception 4. Consciousness 5. Learning 6. Memory 7. Cognition: Thinking, Intelligence, and Languag... e 8. Development Across the Life Span 9. Motivation and Emotion 10. Sexuality and Gender 11. Stress and Health 12. Social Psychology 13. Theories of Personality 14. Psychological Disorders 15. Psychological Therapies Name Chapter 1 – Quick Quiz 1 1. The goals of psychology are to . a) explore the conscious and unconscious functions of the human mind b) understand, compare, and analyze human behavior c) improve psychological well-being in all individuals from birth until death d) describe, explain, predict, and control behavior 2. was an early proponent of functionalism. a) Ivan Pavlov c) Wilhelm Wundt b) William James d) Max Wertheimer 3. Freud said phobias were , whereas Watson said phobias were . a) learned; inherited c) sexual; unconscious b) repressed conflicts; learned d) conditioned; unconditioned 4. Which perspective focuses on free will and self-actualization? a) psychoanalysis c) cognitive perspective b) humanism d) behaviorism 5. The class is playing a game of Jeopardy! and it is your turn. “I’ll take Specialties in Psychology for $300.” The revealed answer is, “These psychological professionals work with situations in which environmental conditions may have an impact on mental health.” What will you say? a) “What is a neuropsychologist?” b) “What is a forensic psychologist?” c) “What is a psychiatric social worker?” d) “What is a developmental psychologist?” 6. When you watch dogs play in the park or watch how your professors conduct their classes, you are engaging in a form of . a) case study research c) survey research b) naturalistic observation d) psychometric study 7. A detailed description of a particular individual being studied or treated is called a . a) representative sample c) single-blind study b) case study d) naturalistic observation 8. A negative correlation means that . a) high values of one variable are associated with low values of the other b) high values of one variable are associated with high values of the other c) low values of one variable are associated with low values of the other d) there is no relationship between the two variables 9. is an experiment in which participants do not know if they are in the experimental or the control group, but the experimenters do know which participants are part of which group. a) The double-blind study c) The single-blind study b) Field research d) Correlational research 10. Experimenters can justify the use of deception because . a) there is informed consent c) it may be necessary for the experiment to work b) research is more important than people d) it is not that harmful [Show More]

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