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Humanities Through the Arts - Test 3 with complete Solution

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Pardon - ANSWER Israelite Man - ANSWER Ancient Greek Individual - ANSWER Ancient Greek Soul - ANSWER Isaelite Completeness - ANSWER Ancient Greek Courage - ANSWER Ancient Roman Guilt... - ANSWER Israelite Justice - ANSWER Ancient Roman Beauty - ANSWER Ancient Greek Law - ANSWER Ancient Roman God - ANSWER Israelite Glory - ANSWER Israelite Sin - ANSWER Israelite Virtue - ANSWER Ancient Greek Idea - ANSWER Ancient Greek Duty - ANSWER Ancient Roman State - ANSWER Ancient Roman Righteousness - ANSWER Israelite Authority - ANSWER Israelite Wisdom - ANSWER Ancient Greek Reason - ANSWER Ancient Greek Dignity - ANSWER Ancient Roman Holiness - ANSWER Israelite Joy - ANSWER Israelite Power - ANSWER Ancient Roman Circus - ANSWER Chariot race Cathedral - ANSWER Teaching machine Brunelleschi - ANSWER Space block planning Colloseum - ANSWER Gladiatorial sports Pythagoras - ANSWER 7 tone musical scale A - ANSWER Vaulting B - ANSWER Apse C - ANSWER Transcept D - ANSWER Nave E - ANSWER Buttress Draw the hypotenuse - ANSWER Step 3 Take the length (AC) and erect it perpendicular to (AB) at point (B) - ANSWER Step 2 Take a line (AB) and divide it in half at point (C) - ANSWER Step 1 Take the length (AC) and mark it off on the hypotenuse from (D) to (E) - ANSWER Step 4 [Show More]

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