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ptcb exam 101 drugs names and usage with complete answers

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elavil - ANSWER amitriptyline/ tricyclic antidepressant/ depression glucophage - ANSWER metformin/ anti-diabetic/ diabetes type II augmentin - ANSWER amoxicillin clavulanate/ antibiotic/ bacteri... al infections zantac - ANSWER ranitidine HCL/ GI H2 blocker(gastric acid secretion inhibitor)/duodenal ulcers, GERD, heart burn, OTC flonase, flovent - ANSWER fluticasone/ corticosteriod/ asthma, COPD advair diskus - ANSWER salmeterol-fluticasone/corticosteriod, bronchodilator/asthma, COPD plavix - ANSWER clopidogrel/ anti-platelet/ reduce strokes pravachol - ANSWER pravastatin/ antihyperlipidemic/ hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) KCL, K-DUR - ANSWER potassium chloride/ electrolyte, k+ supplement/ potassium replacement protonix - ANSWER pantoprazole/ GI anti-secretory, proton pump inhibitor/GERD, duodenal ulcers PREDNISOLONE - ANSWER PRELONE/ steroid/ dermatitis, arthritis FLUOXETINE - ANSWER PROZAC/ SSRI/ depression, bulimia, OCD VENLAFAXINE - ANSWER EFFEXOR/ antidepressant/ depression GABAPENTIN - ANSWER NEURONTIN/ anti-convulsant/ seizures LORAZEPAM - ANSWER ATIVAN/ benzodiazepine/ anxiety disorders CLONAZEPAM - ANSWER KLONOPIN/ benzodiazepine, anti-convulsant/ seizures and panic disorders CITALOPRAM HYDROBROMIDE - ANSWER CELEXA/ SSRI/ depression sildenafil - ANSWER viagra/impotence agent/ erectile dysfunction [Show More]

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