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Security+ (SY0-601) Acronym

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3DES - ANSWER Triple Data Encryption Standard AAA - ANSWER Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting ABAC - ANSWER Attribute-based Access Control ACL - ANSWER Access Control List AD - ... ANSWER Active Directory AES - ANSWER Advanced Encryption Standard AES256 - ANSWER Advanced Encryption Standards 256bit AH - ANSWER Authentication Header AI - ANSWER Artificial Intelligence AIS - ANSWER Automated Indicator Sharing ALE - ANSWER Annualized Loss Expectancy AP - ANSWER Access Point API - ANSWER Application Programming Interface APT - ANSWER Advanced Persistent Threat ARO - ANSWER Annualized Rate of Occurrence ARP - ANSWER Address Resolution Protocol ASLR - ANSWER Address Space Layout Randomization ASP - ANSWER Active Server Pages ATT&CK - ANSWER Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and - ANSWER Common Knowledge AUP - ANSWER Acceptable Use Policy AV - ANSWER Antivirus BASH - ANSWER Bourne Again Shell BCP - ANSWER Business Continuity Planning BGP - ANSWER Border Gateway Protocol BIA - ANSWER Business Impact Analysis BIOS - ANSWER Basic Input/Output System BPA - ANSWER Business Partnership Agreement BPDU - ANSWER Bridge Protocol Data Unit BSSID - ANSWER Basic Service Set Identifier BYOD - ANSWER Bring Your Own Device CA - ANSWER Certificate Authority CAPTCHA - ANSWER Completely Automated Public Turing Test - ANSWER to Tell Computers and Humans Apart CAR - ANSWER Corrective Action Report CASB - ANSWER Cloud Access Security Broker CBC - ANSWER Cipher Block Chaining CBT - ANSWER Computer-based Training CCMP - ANSWER Counter-Mode/CBC-MAC Protocol CCTV - ANSWER Closed-Circuit Television CERT - ANSWER Computer Emergency Response Team CFB - ANSWER Cipher Feedback CHAP - ANSWER Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol CIO - ANSWER Chief Information Officer CIRT - ANSWER Computer Incident Response Team CIS - ANSWER Center for Internet Security CMS - ANSWER Content Management System CN - ANSWER Common Name COOP - ANSWER Continuity of Operations Planning COPE - ANSWER Corporate-owned Personally Enabled CP - ANSWER Contingency Planning CRC - ANSWER Cyclic Redundancy Check CRL - ANSWER Certificate Revocation List CSA - ANSWER Cloud Security Alliance CSIRT - ANSWER Computer Security Incident Response Team CSO - ANSWER Chief Security Officer CSP - ANSWER Cloud Service Provider CSR - ANSWER Certificate Signing Request CSRF - ANSWER Cross-Site Request Forgery CSU - ANSWER Channel Service Unit CTM - ANSWER Counter-Mode CTO - ANSWER Chief Technology Officer CVE - ANSWER Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVSS - ANSWER Common Vulnerability Scoring System CYOD - ANSWER Choose Your Own Device DAC - ANSWER Discretionary Access Control DBA - ANSWER Database Administrator DDoS - ANSWER Distributed Denial-of-Service DEP - ANSWER Data Execution Prevention DER - ANSWER Distinguished Encoding Rules DES - ANSWER Data Encryption Standard DHCP - ANSWER Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHE - ANSWER Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral DKIM - ANSWER Domain Keys Identified Mail DLL - ANSWER Dynamic-link Library DLP - ANSWER Data Loss Prevention DMARC - ANSWER Domain Message Authentication Reporting - ANSWER and Conformance DNAT - ANSWER Destination Network Address Transaction DNS - ANSWER Domain Name System DNSSEC - ANSWER Domain Name System Security Extensions DoS - ANSWER Denial-of-Service DPO - ANSWER Data Protection Officer DRP - ANSWER Disaster Recovery Plan DSA - ANSWER Digital Signature Algorithm DSL - ANSWER Digital Subscriber Line [Show More]

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