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CyberArk Defender and Sentry Level 2022 Questions and Answers

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__________ Report provides information about all the accounts in the System. - ANSWER Privileged Accounts Inventory Report __________ Report is for each user and shows Accounts and Safes what they ... can access in the System. - ANSWER Entitlement Report File for: - main configuration file of the Vault. - any change requests requires a restart of the Vault Service. - ANSWER DBParm.ini PTA Statistics Log Name - ANSWER Statistics.log Within the Vault, each password is encrypted by? - ANSWER Its own unique key Good use case for Disaster Recovery module - ANSWER Offsite replication is required What would be a good use case for the Replicate Module? - ANSWER Integration with an Enterprise Backup Solution is required PTA Utility Log Name - ANSWER Diamond-Utility.log What account automatically onboards unmanaged privileged account? - ANSWER PTAUser Provides information about all the privileged accounts in the system required permissions: - list accounts - view safe members - ANSWER Privileged Accounts Inventory Report The Vault Internal Safe contains all of the configuration for the Vault? - ANSWER False Who is in the only user that can edit the Directory Mappings? - ANSWER Built in Administrator What is Applocker used for? - ANSWER Limits the applications that may be raw on the PSM machine Can you set the Cluster Vault Debug Level Dynamically without restarting the Cluster Vault? - ANSWER Yes Can the PVWA be load balanced? - ANSWER Yes What happens when multiple discoveries of accounts are on the same domain accounts? - ANSWER Multiple discoveries will synchronize all the shared discovered accounts Purpose and permissions needed for the Activity Log Report - ANSWER - All audit information in the Vault - View audit and audit users File for: - configure Remote Control Agent in the Vault - SNTP Configuration - ANSWER PARagent.ini What is the purpose of the Immediate Interval setting in the CPM Policy? - ANSWER To control how often the CPM looks for User Initiated CPM work At what point is a transparent user provisioned in the Vault? - ANSWER The first time the user logs in HA, DR, and Replication are mutually exclusive and cannot be used in the same environment. - ANSWER False Password Upload Utility must be installed on the CPM server. - ANSWER False File for: - Configuring Password Policy for users of the Vault - ANSWER Passparm.ini Which report could show all audit data in the Vault? - ANSWER Activity Log What is the primary reason for installing more than one active CPM? - ANSWER Installing CPMS in multiple sites prevents complex rules to manage devices at remote sites Through which component do you configure the CPM? - ANSWER PVWA Through which component do you manage internal CyberArk users? - ANSWER PrivateArk Client Which file would you modify to configure your Vault server to forward Activity Logs to a a SIEM or SYSLOG Server? - ANSWER DBParm.ini Which file configures password policy for Vault Users? - ANSWER Passparm.ini What does the Export Vault Data Utility do? - ANSWER Exports the data from the Vault to .txt or .csu files What file would you edit to adjust the LDAP Synchronization Parameters? - ANSWER DBParm.ini __________ Report provides information about the Application ID's in the System. - ANSWER Application Inventory or AIM Report Domain Accounts are categorized as either __________ or __________? - ANSWER Privileged or non-privileged Vault authorizations may be granted to __________ - ANSWER LDAP Users and Vault Users What are the two types of linked accounts? - ANSWER Logon and reconcile How do you install the Password Upload Utility? - ANSWER This doesn't require installation, the files needed to run are in the folder You can successfully manage passwords in the domain but you can not manage passwords in, You receive "Network path not found." What should you check first? - ANSWER That the CPM can successfully resolve addresses in the Users may be created in the PVWA. - ANSWER False, accounts may be manually onboarded but users must be created in PrivateArk Safe permissions may be applied to users and groups. - ANSWER True Can the PVWA be automatically load balanced? - ANSWER No A SIEM Integration allows you to forward ITALog records to a monitoring solution. - ANSWER False A logon account can be specified in the Master Policy. - ANSWER False __________ Report is used to show the CPM status for each account. - ANSWER Privileged Accounts Compliance Status Report The Vault Internal Safe contains all of the configurations for the Vault. - ANSWER False How many different reports may be generated by components? - ANSWER 10 In the Discovery Process, what determines if a domain account is privileged? - ANSWER The account is a member of any local administrators group Who are the Built-In Vault users? - ANSWER Administrator, Auditor, Backup, Batch, DR, Notification Engine, Operator, and Master How does one reverse object level access control? - ANSWER You can't What local group is created during the PSM Installation? - ANSWER PSM Shadow Users What permissions do you need access to access the reports tab? - ANSWER Auditor The PTA can be configured to terminate and suspend sessions. - ANSWER True, though typically only in the case of high risk activity Platform Settings are applied to __________? - ANSWER Individual Accounts What are the secure options for storing the contents of the operator CD, while still being able to allows the contents of the Vault during a planned restart? - ANSWER - Store the CD in a physical safe and mount the CD every time maintenance is performed - Copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the Vault server and secure it with NTFS permissions - Store the server key in a HSM Can two vaults be load balanced with external load balancer? - ANSWER No What file do you figure to set the Radius server? - ANSWER DBParm.ini Where would you install the Password Upload Utility in your environment? - ANSWER The utility does not require installation What status and privileges must the CPM have for all safes? - ANSWER Must be an owner with: - Monitor - Retrieve - Store - Delete Access control is done by? - ANSWER Safes Vault Server/CyberArk allows integration of only SYSLog or SIEM? - ANSWER False Once the Vault is hardened, how do you add a non-standard firewall rule? - ANSWER Edit the DParm.ini file The Master User has full __________ and __________ authorizations. Can these be removed by the Administrator? - ANSWER Safe and Vault, No authorization cannot be removed The DR module allows an Integration with Enterprise Backup Software. - ANSWER False Who/What has access to a newly created safe? - ANSWER The associated CPM and the creator of the safe. By running deep packet inspection, what type of Kerberos attacks can the PTA dete [Show More]

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