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Community ATI Part 2 retake Exam Review. Questions and answers. 100% proven pass rate.

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community ATI part 2 retake Exam Review. Questions and answers. 100% proven pass rate. A nurse who is facilitating a support group in a community center noticies that one member of the group expre... sses anger repeatedly. which of the following strategies should the nurse use to facilitate the group process with this member? A. remind the group that everyone should have a chance to participate D. divide the group into pairs and give each pair a topic for discussion C. give the member extra time to compose her thought before expressing them D. focus more on the group members who have a positive outlook - D. the nurse should ask them in private to uncover the source of her ongoing anger a community health nurse is providing education to a group of children who have asthma. which of the following statements indicates an understanding of the teaching? A. i shouldn't play sports because it will make me too tired B. i will stay indoors during cold weather C. i will use my rescue medication every day D. I shouldn't get the flu shot because it might make me sick - B. cold air can be a trigger for asthma. this response indicates the student reconizes this risk a community health nurse is planning an in-service about STI to a group of adolescents. which of the following clinical findings should the nurse include as a manifestation of primary syphilis? A. malaise B. maculopapular rash on palms C. chancre D. lymphadenopathy - Ca public health nurse is working in a community that ha a population of 24, 096. There are 2,096 existing cases of heart disease within the populaiton. The nurse can determine which of the following from this information? A. mortality rate B. attack rate C. prevalence proportion D. incidence proportion - C a nurse is preparing a community education program about heatlh care needs during pregnancy. The nurse should include that which of the following vaccines is safe to administer to a client who is pregnant? A. herpes zoster B. tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis C. varicella D. measles, mumps, rubella - B a school nurse is notified that an elementary school child is newly diagnosed with pertussis. Which of the following actions should the school nurse take? (select all that apply) A. instruct the parent to keep the child home until the coughing stage has passed B. encourage family members to obtain prophylactic treatment C. quarantine the children in the child's class D. recommend the child receive a pneumococcal vaccine in 28 days E. check the immunizations of the child's classmates - A B E a nurse is caring for a 50-year-old client who has DM, recently lost his job, and has no health insurance. The nurse should advise the client to do which of the following? A. contact medicare to determine eligibility B. contact medicaid to determine eligibility C. go to the ER when services are neededD. go to the public health department when services are needed - B. low income, no insurance a home health nurse is orienting a newly licensed nurse who is drawing blood from a client for laboratory testing and gets stuck by a used needle. Which of the following statements by the newly licensed nurse indicates a need for further teaching? A. the client will be tested for HIV B. the client will be tested for hepatitis B virus C. the client will be tested for hepatitis C virus D. the client will be tested for hepatitis A virus - D oral-fecal route a clinic nurse manager is developing an education program on TB skin testing. The nurse should include that which of the following can cause a false-negative result? A. advanced HIV or AIDS B. Bacilli CAlmette-Gue'rin (BCG) vaccination C. time between exposure and screening D. age of the client E. recent abuse of IV substances - A C D a nurse is collecting demographic data as a part of a community assessment. which of the following should be included? A. racial distribution B. family genograms C. number of open water sources D. presence of condemned buildings - Aa community health nurse is visiting a family that has newborn twims and two school-aged children. The parents tell the nurse they are emotionally and financially overwhelmed. which of the following referrals are apporpriate? A. postpartum support group B. WIC program C. CPS D. medicare part B E. free school lunch program - A B E a community health nurse is teaching a group of older adults about environmental health hazards. A need for additional teaching is indicated when a group member lists which of the following as a possible source of carbon monoxide exposure? A. motor vehicles B. gas ranges C. vented gas heaters D. electric space heaters - D a community health nurse is caring for a client who has a new diagnosis of Lyme disease. the requirements for reporting Lymes disease are mandated by which of the following? A. local county health departments B. individual state law C. federal law D. centers for disease control an prevention - B a nurse is a community health center is talking with a client who is receiving treatment for an opioid addiction. which of the following statements by the nurse is apporpriate for encouraging the client to attend his 12 step meetings? A. you'll find Na will help you regain power over you addiction B. Na will help you take responsibility for the symptoms of your diseaseC. at Na, your willingness to change will be crucial for your sobriety D. at Na, you'll nearn to maintain control by never admitting to defeat - [Show More]

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