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WGU Information Management and the Application of Technology - C468

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WGU Information Management and the Application of Technology - C468 Defined as the ability to recognize when information is needed as well as the skills to find, evaluate and use needed informa... tion effectively Correct answer- Information literacy Term used to describe data that has been interpreted Correct answer- Information Focus on how to gather, process and transform information into knowledge. It also incorporates features from 5 other sciences -communication science -computer science -social science -library science -cognitive science Correct answer- Information science Using the EHR to document care of a patient with a fractured femur is an example of using the EHR in which way Correct answer- Information systems How can using simulation technology with your patient improve overall outcomes Correct answer- Allowing them hands-on practice and immediate feedback of the skill being learned Nurses in this type of role -are continuous learners -use technology to support and inform nursing practice -generate knowledge as a product Correct answer- Knowledge worker [Show More]

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