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WGU INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND THE APPLICATION OF TECHNOLOGY C468 CLINICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM Ans- -LABORATORY SYSTEM - ORDER ENTRY SYSTEM - MONITORING SYSTEM information literacy Ans- This is de... fined as the ability to recognize when information is needed as well as the skills to find,evaluate, and use needed information effectively Strategic Planning is driving by all of the following Ans- - organization mission and values - short term goals - service offered - long term goals a person's ht,wt, code status and date of birth are all examples of Ans- DATA the mission Ans- is the purpose or reason for an organization existence Strategic Planning Ans- is the development of a comprehensive long range plan for guiding the activities and operations of an organization the foundation of knowledge model Ans- - is the basic for which knowledge is used to meet the needs of the healthcare delivery system - it is derived from its 3 key elements of knowledge acquisition, knowledge processing and knowledge dissemination Nursing informatics Ans- the use of technology and information to help support all aspects of nursing practicesInformation Life Cycle Ans- - needs assessment phase - system selection phase - system implementation phase - maintenance phase emerging trends in healthcare Ans- - a push for patient safety - error reduction - additional regulatory requirements Project Scope Ans- the size and details of a collaborative effort NURSES ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IS IMPORTED TO ENSURE THE INFORMATION IS CURRENT AND ACCESSIBLE TO HC TEAM why is the nurses active participation in electronic patient information important Ans- to ensure the information is current and accessible to the healthcare team #1 NEEDS ASSESSMENT PHASE Ans- ORGANIZATION PERFORMS GAPS, ANALYSIS, DETERMINING THE NEEDS AND WANTS IN A INFORMATION SYSTEM #2 SYSTEM SELECTION PHASE Ans- - ORGANIZATION SEEKS OUT A VENDOR COMPANY THAT OFFER THEM A SYSTEM THAT BEST FITS THEIR NEEDS. * RFI- INITIAL CONTACT WITH A VENDOR * RFP- PROPOSAL REQUEST * RFQ- REQUEST FOR PRICING QUOTE #3 SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION PHASE Ans- - GO LIVe PLANNING - TRAINING OF END-USERS - EXECUTE SYSTEM CHANGES#4 MAINTENANCE PHASE Ans- - PROBLEM SOLVING, DEBUGGING - BACKUP FILES - INSTALLING SYSTEM UPGRADES ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF THE EHR Ans- - ASSESSMENT FINDINGS - PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS - VITAL SIGNS EXAMPLE OF A ESSENTIAL COMPONENT OF THE EHR: Ans- EVIDENCE - BASED DECISION SUPPORT Function of EHR: Ans- BARCODE MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION (BCMA) CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) Ans- THE PROCESS BY WHICH THE DR OR PROVIDER ENTERS ORDERS ELECTRONICALLY INTO THE EHR A BENEFIT OF THE EHR IS THAT IT CAN PROVIDE PATIENT SUPPORT, GIVE A EXAMPLE OF PT SUPPORT Ans- EDUCATION MATERIAL SUCH AS FOR REDUCING SODIUM INTAKE BENEFITS TO USING THE EHR Ans- Reduces medication errors, improves provider documentation HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM Ans- - ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM - CLINICAL INFO SYSTEM PRIMARY FUNCTIONALITY IN CONTRAST TO THAT OF A HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM Ans- TO PROMOTE PATIENT SAFETY AN EXAMPLE OF A BARRIER TO PATIENT CENTERED CARE Ans- WAITING UNTIL THE END OF THE SHIFT TO DOCUMENT YOUR PATIENT ASSESSMENTS INTO THE EHRCLINICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM Ans- - LABORATORY SYSTEM - PHARMACY SYSTEM - CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE INFO SYSTEM Ans- - REGISTRATION SYSTEM - FINANCIAL SYSTEM - SCHEDULING SYSTEM CONNECTION NEEDED TO ACCESS THE EHR WHEN AN INTERNET CONNECTION IS LOST Ans- LOCAL AREA NETWORK ACCESS(LAN) potential challenges can occur when implementing an EHR THROUGHOUT A MEDICAL CENTER WITH VARIOUS OUTPATIENT CLINICS Ans- standardization of data /diff data needs for each outpatient clinic how does the EHR help patients receive quality care when going from one facility to another Ans- It allows healthcare professionals to see what the patient has been receiving therapy providing the appropriate treatment What patient info would a nurse retrieve from the EHR Ans- - Immunization history - CT scan results - Patients date of birth THE EHR Ans- IS A LONGITUDINAL ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORD OF ALL HEALTHCARE ENCOUNTERS WHICH 2 ITEMS COULD THE RN USE TO ACCESS A PATIENT'S MEDICATIONS FROM A MED ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM SUCH A PYXIS Ans- - BARCODE ID/EMPLOYEE BADGE - BIOMETRICS SUCH AS A FINGERPRINTTHIS ACRONYM IS USED TO REFER A STANDARD OF INTEROPERABILITY AND THE EXCHANGE OF CLINICAL DATA? Ans- HL7 ( HEALTH LEVEL 7) CLINICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS ARE EFFECTIVE FOR ALL THE FOLLOWING REASON? Ans- - THE INFO RETRIEVED CAN BE TO FOSTER RESEARCH - IMPROVES NURSING DOCUMENTATION COMPLIANCE - IT CAN IMPROVE CLINICIAN WORKFLOW ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM Ans- - SCHEDULING SYSTEM - FINANCIAL SYSTEM - ADMISSION, DISCHARGE AND TRANSFER (ADT) SYSTEM WHY IS IT IMPORTANT THAT DEPARTMENTS COLLABORATE WITH ONE ANOTHER WHEN SELECTING A HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM? Ans- COLLABORATION LEADS TO KNOWLEDGE SHARING THE DEVELOPMENT OF STANDARDIZED TERMINOLOGIES IN NURSING INFORMATICS IS DRIVEN BY THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES? Ans- ACCESSIBILITY, LONGEVITY AND REUSABILITY [Show More]

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