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WGU C468 Information Management and Application of Technology

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WGU C468 Information Management and Application of Technology System security involves protection against A) poor system design B) noncompliant users C) deliberate attacks, errors, omissio... ns, disasters, and viruses D) vendor breech of support contract Correct answer- C) deliberate attacks, errors, omissions, disasters, and viruses Which of the following is a mechanism that logs a user off the system after a specified period of inactivity on the terminal or computer? A) automatic sign-off B) remote access C) automatic access D) automatic password protection Correct answer- A) automatic sign-off The sharing of private information in a situation in which a relationship has been established for the purpose of treatment, or delivery of services, with the understanding that this information will remain protected is _____________? A) information privacy B) privacy C) confidentiality D) information system security Correct answer- C) confidentiality ____________ is a combination of hardware and software that forms a barrier between systems, or different parts of a single system to protect those systems from unauthorized access. A) Antivirus software B) Firewall C) Physical security D) Application security Correct answer- B) Firewall The ability to use a health enterprise's information system from outside locations such as a physician's office is known as ___________. A) remote access B) automatic access C) system connectivity D) auto connectivity Correct answer- A) remote access What are the driving forces behind the Health Information Exchange (HIE) movement? A) provider demands for cost containment B) international demands C) healthcare insu [Show More]

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