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Emergency Medical Responders are trained to provide ______. (ANS- Basic emergency care How is malaria transmitted? (ANS- Through vector-borne transmission (mosquitos) Engineering controls in... clude ______. (ANS- Biohazard containers The best way to care for someone who got body fluids splashed in their eyes is to _____. (ANS- Flush the eyes with water or saline for 20 minutes. Which level of EMS provider is the most advanced? (ANS- Paramedic These laws protect you when you act in good faith and within your scope of practice. (ANS- Good Samaritan Laws A person is competent when they ______. (ANS- Understand questions and the implications of their decisions. Providing basic care based on specific criteria is called _____. (ANS- Standard of Care The medial part of the body is ______. (ANS- Towards the midline. Out of the brain, heart, lungs, and kidney, the _______ would be considered to be the least vital. (ANS- Kidney When is it ok to move a seriously injured patient? (ANS- When a building is on fire, from a vehicle that is smoking, and when the patient is blocking access to other patients. What is the best way to move a patient who has a suspected neck or spinal injury? (ANS- Blanket Drag What are some examples of mechanisms of injury (MOI)? (ANS- Explosions, penetrating trauma, blunt force. _________ materials may have strange odors and/or clouds of gas. (ANS- Hazardous When arriving on the scene, this is your number one priority. (ANS- Scene safety What allows for the maximum hand stability and strength when lifting a patient? (ANS- Power grip An unstable patient should be reassessed every ____ minutes. (ANS- 5 What is the most important personal protective equipment that you should be wearing when working with a patient? (ANS- Disposable gloves What is the main purpose of an ongoing assessment? (ANS- To identify changes in the patient's condition. A correctly placed blood pressure cuff will be centered over the _____ artery. (ANS- Brachial What is the first thing you should do when communicating with medical control? (ANS- Identify yourself [Show More]

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