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C468 Informatics OA study guide/ Guaranteed A+Guide/ Questions & Answers

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An informatics nurse and an emergency nurse are conducting an analysis of a patient admission from the ER? Which tool should these nurses use for a process analysis? (ANS- SWOT template What is a... n effective way to reduce the risk of access of electronic protected health information (ePHI) by unauthorized users? (ANS- Make sure all users adhere to security and confidential policy set forth by the facility What is the goal of MIPS and MU? (ANS- Patient quality care A provider at the hospital had his laptop stolen from his vehicle. What should be on his laptop to protect it from data breach? (ANS- Encryption What is the name of the process that begins with conception and continues through implementation? (ANS- SDLC When a physician arrives on the unit, a nurse is asked about the fluid status of a patient. Where should the nurse find this information? (ANS- Intake and output chart which two technologies support the standardization of healthcare data? (ANS- HL7 and DICOM what can be installed to allow one operation to access another to enable the exchange of data? (ANS- Integration what is a physical safeguard of ePHI? (ANS- Lock on hard drive, Facility Access Controls Workstation Use Workstation Security - Device and Media Controls what is a technical safeguard ePHI ( ANS- Access control. Audit controls. Authentication. An informatics nurse and an ER nurse are conducting an analysis of a patient admission form the er. which tool should these nurses use for a process analysis? (ANS- SWOT an informatics nurse is developing a web-based application for patient care. which statement accurately describes the internet? (ANS- A Network or networks what describes an example of opt-in or opt-out choice regarding the disclosure of personal health information? (ANS- your information sent to another facility which government organization oversees the meaningful use program? (ANS- CMS What item describes a basic network code that determines the roles used to create and route packets of data between network devices? (ANS- Interface Which is a physician's clinical informatics assessment? (ANS- Vital signs The Operating room uses a different system than what is integrated in the EMR. What do you do? (ANS- chart in one system and it will automatically show up in both systems [Show More]

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