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An organ system is - Ans-a group of organs with a common set of functions An organelle is - Ans-a small structure within a cell A cell is - Ans-the basic structural unit of living organisms W... hat technique creates a three-dimensional dynamic image of blood vessels? - Ans-digital subtraction angiography The delivery of a radioactive compound to the body to study the metabolism of tissues is called - Ans-PET A tissue is a - Ans-group of cells with similar structure and function What branch of physiology would study the effects of sunbathing on the skin? - Ans-organ physiology Microscopic examination of a frozen tissue specimen is an application of which of the following disciplines? - Ans-histology There are more microbial cells than human cells in your body and the health of this microbiota clearly influences human well-being. How many microbes are there?. - Ans-For every cell in your body, there are ten microbial cells The study of the body's organization by areas is - Ans-regional anatomy Medial means - Ans-toward the middle or midline of the body This is a sagittal section through the abdominopelvic cavity. What structures does "E" represent? - Ans-retroperitoneal organs Which of the following systems carries necessary compounds like oxygen and nutrients throughout the body? - Ans-cardiovascular The thumb is ___ to the fifth digit (little finger). - Ans-lateral In reference to the body tempaerature in living organisms, the set point can be defined as the - Ans-ideal normal value The sural region is the - Ans-calf The visceral pleura is - Ans-the serous membrane that covers the lungs The cervical region is the - Ans-neck Imagine the following scenario: Blood pressure decreases below normal levels.→ Blood flow to the heart decreases → Heart is unable to pump as much blood.→ Blood pressure decreases even more. This is an example of _____ feedback. - Ans-positive The popliteal region is the - Ans-hollow behind the knee Cations and anions that dissociate in water are sometimes called - Ans-electrolytes, because they can conduct an electrical current An atom has an atomic number of 19 and a mass number of 39. This atom will have - Ans-20 neutrons A neutral atom contains - Ans-the same number of electrons and protons Subatomic particles located around the nucleus of an atom are - Ans-electrons Which of the following is not a use of X-ray imaging? - Ans-brain tumor progression In an x-ray film of the skeletal system, the dense tissue areas appear ______ because they ______ the x-rays; and the less dense tissues appear ______ because they ______ the x-rays. - Ans-light, absorb; dark, do not absorb Sodium chloride is considered a(n) - Ans-compound Which of the following factors will influence the rate of chemical reactions? - Ans-All of these factors will influence the rate of chemical reactions The four most abundant elements in the human body are - Ans-carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen The three forms of matter are: - Ans-solids, liquids, and gases Eicosanoids - Ans-play a role in the response of tissues to injuries The sodium chloride molecule breaks apart in water. What does "A" represent? - Ans-salt crystal Which of the following statements is false? - Ans-Water evaporation heats the body All of the following terms relate to lipids. Which does not belong with the other four? - Ans-triglyceride Which of the following is a component of a nucleotide? - Ans-adenine--a nitrogen base A solution that contains one osmole of solute in one kilogram (kg) of water is called a - Ans-1 osmolal solution Which of the following is the correct complementary strand to CATGTC? - Ans-GTACAG Which of the following organic groups does DNA belong to? - Ans-nucleic acid Which of the following molecules is NOT made from cholesterol? - Ans-prostaglandins The pH value - Ans-is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions In order to study in detail the anatomy of internal cell parts, it would be best to use - Ans-a transmission electron microscope (TEM) What structure does "A" represent on the diagram of the plasma membrane? - Ans-phospholipid bilayer What structure does "D" represent on the diagram of the plasma membrane? - Ans-integral protein Which of the following activities is a function of the plasma membrane? - Ans-recognition of bacterial cells by the immune system What structure does "B" represent on the diagram of the plasma membrane? - Ans-membrane channel protein What structure does "E" represent on the diagram of the plasma membrane? - Ans-internal membrane surface If 0.9% NaCl (saline) solution is isotonic to a cell, then a 0.5% saline solution - Ans-is hypotonic to the cell What type of membrane proteins have an exposed site on the outer cell surface that can attach to a ligand? - Ans-receptor proteins A cell's ability to replenish ATP is reduced by a metabolic poison. Which organelle is being affected? - Ans-mitochondrion Red blood cells (RBCs) have been placed in three different solutions: hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic. What is solution "B" relative to the RBC? - Ans-hypertonic solution Large molecules move across cell membrane with the help or assistance of protein carriers. This type of transport is generically called _______. - Ans-mediated transport What is membrane potential? - Ans-The electrical charge difference across the membrane caused by ion movement. Which mature cells do not have a nucleus? - Ans-red blood cells The anticodon sequence GUA pairs with which of the following codons? - Ans-CAU Chromatin condenses and nucleoli disappear during - Ans-prophase In which part of the cell cycle do chromosomes align along the equator? - Ans-metaphase Which of the following is NOT a type of cancer therapy? - Ans-use of drugs to increase the blood supply to the tumor Which of the following is NOT associated with interphase? - Ans-The cell does nothing but rest All triplets required to code for synthesis of a protein are a - Ans-gene Transcription - Ans-synthesizes DNA from RNA. The presence of a cellular clock, presence of "death genes" and damage to DNA or mitochondria are all theories of _____. - Ans-aging A non-albino female who is a carrier for the albino allele (Aa), mates with an albino (aa) male. What is the probability that their children will be albino? - Ans-50% The actual genetic constitution of an individual is its - Ans-genotype A __________ is a display of the chromosomes of a somatic cell during metaphase of mitosis. - Ans-karyotype The process of meiosis will _____ as the gametes are produced - Ans-cut the chromosome number by 1/2 A person's height, intelligence, eye color, and skin color are examples of - Ans-polygenic traits Which of the following genotypes will result in a male? - Ans-XY What term describes the inheritance of a trait which in the heterozygote has an intermediate expression between either allele? - Ans-Incomplete dominance Which of the following is an example of incomplete dominance? - Ans-beta thalassemia What term means that both alleles are different? - Ans-heterozygous A gene that is responsible for producing trypsin in the pancreas would be a ____ gene. - Ans-dominant Chromosomes that are NOT associated with sex determination are known as - Ans-autosomes [Show More]

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