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NR511 week 8 Final Quiz / NR 511 week 8 Final Quiz Complete questions & answers, Chamberlain. (GOOD FOR REVISION AND STUDY)

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NR511 week8 Final Quiz. 1: which test is used to confirm a diagnosis of epididymitis? 2: Which of the following is part of the treatment plan for the patient with irritable bowel syndrome? 3: Reuben, ... age 24 years old has HIV and just had a routine viral load test done. The results show a falling viral load. What does this indicates? 4: The patient with gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) should be instructed to eliminate which of these activities? 5: you have detected the presence of crepitus on examination of a patient with a musculoskeletal complaint. Additionally, there is limited range of motion with both active and passive movement. These findings suggest that the origin of the musculoskeletal complaint is 6: A 25 years old patient presents to the clinic with fatigue, cold intolerance, weight gain and constipation for the past 3 months. On physical exam, the clinician notice a sinus bradycardia, muscular stiffness, coarse, dry hair, and a delay in relaxation in deep tendon reflexes (DTRs). Which of the following test should be ordered next? 7: Sam is a 25years old man who has been diagnosis with low back stain based on his history of localized low back pain and muscle spasm along with a normal numerological examination. As the clinician, you explain to Sam that low back pain is a diagnosis of exclusion. Which of the following symptoms would alert the clinician to the more serious finding of a herniated nucleus pulposus or ruptured disc? 8: Which of the following data is indication of testicular torsion? 9: What is the recommended daily calcium intake for adults over the age of 50 with low bone mass? 10: A 14 years old is seen with complaint of severe testicular pain. The clinician suspect testicular torsion. Which of the following is the appropriate action? 11: Which of the following data are indicative of testicular torsion? 12: A patient is seen with a sudden onset of flank pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and diaphoresis, in addition to nephrolithiasis, which of the following should be added to the list of differential diagnoses? 13: The patient is seen in the office complaining flank pain. The clinician should assess this patient for which risk factor for kidney stones? 14: A 76 years old man is seen in the office for complaint of urinary incontinence. The clinician should suspect which causes of incontinence in men? 14: Harvey has a rubbery smooth, round mass on his chest which is compressible and has a soft to to very firm texture. What do you diagnose this as? 15: The patient is prescribed radioactive iodine (RA) and asks the clinician how this drug works. The clinician’s response should include which of the following data? 16: Most nosocomial pneumonias are caused by 17: Which of the following signs or symptoms indicate an inflammatory etiology to musculoskeletal pain? 18: A patient presents to the clinician with a sore throat, fever, of 100.7f and tender anterior cervical lymphadenopathy. The clinician suspect strep throat and performed a rapid strep test that is negative. What would the nest step be? 19:Most Nosocomial pneumonias are caused by……. 20: A patient is diagnosed with Giardia after a backpacking trip in the mountains. Which of the following would be the appropriate treatment? 21: Which causes the greatest percentage of mammalian bites? 22: One of the initial steps in assessing patient with musculoskeletal complaints is to determine whether the complaint is articular or non-articular in origin. Which of the following is an example of an articular structure? 23: Cat bites are commonly associated with which of the following pathogens? 24:Which of the following should be considered in a patient presenting with erectile dysfunction? 25: Tori is on systemic antifungals for a tines infect. You understand that serum labs monitored for 26:Fluctuation and reductions in estrogen may be a contributing factor in which type of rhinitis? 27: Severe pain associated with acute otitis media signifies perforation of the tympanic membrane 28: The Patient is diagnosed with overactive bladder (OAB).Which of the following instructions should be given to the woman? 29: Sally aged 25, present with impetigo that has been diagnosed as infected with staphylococcus. The clinical presentation in pruritic, tender, red vesicles surrounded y erythema with a rash that is ulcerating. Which types of impetigo is this? 30: Which of the following instructions should be given to the patient with nephrolithiasis? 31: A 63 years old man is seen in the clinic with a chief complaint of nocturia . Which of the following should be included in the differential diagnosis? 32: Which of the following are predisposing factors for pyelonephritis? 33: Which of the following statements is true regarding the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome? 34: A patient is diagnosed with Giardia after a backpacking trip in the mountains. Which of the following would be the appropriate treatment? 35; Sinusitis is considered chronic when there are episodes of prolonged inflammation with repeated or inadequately treated acute infection lasting greater than 36: A patient is seen in the clinic with right upper quadrant (RUQ) pain that is radiating to the middle of the back. The clinician suspects acute cholelithiasis. The clinician should expect which of the following laboratory findings? 37: SNAPPS is pneumonic used to described a technique in orally presenting a patient 38; The clinician is caring for Diane a 22 years old woman who presents with an injured ankle. Diane asks the clinician if she will need an X-ray. The clinician explains to Diane that X-ray is not always necessary for an injured ankle and that the decision to obtain radiographs is dependent on the exam and Diane’s description of her injury. Which of the following clues in Diane’s exam or history would alert the clinician to the need for obtaining radiography? 39; The 56 years old man with chronic prostatitis should be treated with trimethoprim 80mg sulfamethoxazole 400mg (TMP-SMX. Actrim) for how long? 40; A 23 years old sexually active man is seen in the clinic with unilateral painful testicular swelling and diagnosed with epididymitis in order to prescribe the correct drug the clinician understands that which of these is the most common causative organism? 41; A 30 years old patient presents with pain on urination. The urine microscopy of unspun urine showed greater than leukocytes/ml and a dipstick was positive for nitrites> What is probable diagnosis? 42: Acute angl-closure glaucoma involves a sudden severe rise in intraocular pressure. Which of the following ranges represents normal intraocular pressure? 43: Joyce is taking a long-acting beta agonist for moderate persistent asthma. Which additional medication should she be taking? 44: A patient is seen in the clinic with a chief complaint of hematuria. Which of the following data should be collected in order to make a differential diagnosis? 45; Which information should be included when you are teaching your patient about the use of nicotine gum? 46; Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that is associated with which type of tremor 47; If your preceptor is out ill on a day that you are scheduled to be in the clinical setting, another preceptor can supervise you as long as they are willing to take you on as a student and they meet the minimum preceptor qualifications 48; A 42 years old woman is seen in the clinic with fever, chills vomiting, and severe dysuria. She is diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis. How should this patient be manged? 49; The “B” in the ABCDE’s of assessing skin cancer represents 50; Janet is a 30-year-old woman who has been recently with a herniated disc at the level of L5-S1. She is currently in the emergency room with suspicion of cauda equine compression. Which of the following is a sign or symptom of cauda equine compression? 51; A 34 year old patient was treated for a urinary tract infection (UTI) and has not responded to antibiotic therapy. Which of the following actions should be taken next? 52; Ans; Blood in urine and frequency 53: A patient is diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and his endoscopic report reveals the presence of Barretts epithelium. Which of the following information should the clinician include in the explanation of the pathology 54; Ian age 62 presents with a wide diffuse area of erythematous skin on his left lower leg that is warm and tender to palpation. There is some edema involved. You suspect 55; A patient is diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Which of the following electrocardiogram (ECG) changes should the clinician expect as a manifestation of the disease? 56; As diabetic retinopathy progress, the presence of “cotton wool” spots can be detected Cotton Wool spots refers to 57; which of the following dietary information should be given to a patient with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 58; which of the following types of cellulitis is a streptococcal infection of the superficial layers of the skin which does not involve the subcutaneous layers? 59; The clinician has instructed Sam, a 25-year-old patient with low back strain, to use NSAIDs to manage his symptom of pain and discomfort. Which of the following statements would be most appropriate when teaching Sam about the use of NSAIDs to manage his pain? 60; Mark has necrotizing fasciitis of his left lower extremity. Pressure on the skin reveals crepitus due to gas production by which anaerobic bacteria? 61; The most common precancerous skin lesion found in Caucasians is 62; The patient is seen complaining of “leaking urine when I sneeze” Which of the following action actions should the clinician take first? 63; John is a 16 year old boy who presents to the emergency room after hurting his knee in a football game. He described twisting his knee and then being unable to extend it completely. John tells the clinician that he heard a pop when the injury occurred and has been experiencing localized pain. The clinician suspects a meniscal tear. Which test would be most appropriate to assess for the presence of a meniscal tear? 64; A 27 years old female presents with a chief complaint of burning and pain on urination. She has no previous history of urinary tracy infection(UTI) What are some additional symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of lower UTI? 65; The patient is seen complaining of leaking urine when I sneeze ‘Which of the following actions should the clinician take first? 66;Which obstructive lung diseases is classified as reversible? 67; Which of the following are risk factors associated with obesity? 68; The clinician suspects that a client seen in the office has hyperthyroidism. Which of the following should the clinician order on the initial visit? 69; The most common offending agents for medication- induced resting tremor are 70;the patient is diagnosed with urge incontinence. Before prescribing Detrol XL, the provider should question the patient about which of these contraindications to this medication? 71;The pt presents with costovertebral angle (CVA) tenderness and a sveral day history of high fever and chills and dysuria. Which of the following diagnosis is most likely given the above information? 72; After 6 months of synthroid therapy, the clinician should expect which of the following in the repeated thyroid studies? 73; Which of the following pt are at risk for developing urinary tract cancer? 74;The pt has acute pancreatitis with 7 of the diagnostic criteria from Ranson’s Criteria in order to plan care, the clinician understands that this criteria score has which of the following meanings? 75; Mrs Gray is a 55-year-old woman who presents with lightness, pain and limited movement in her right shoulder. She denies any history of trauma. Her exam reveals a 75% reduction in both active and passive range of motion of the right shoulder. Mrs Gray is also experiencing tenderness with motion and pain at the deltoid insertion. Her medical history is significant for type 1 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Her social history reveals that she is a secretary and that she is right-handed. Based on her exam and medical history you suspect adhesive capsulitis or: frozen shoulder” Which clue in Mrs. Gray’s history supports this diagnosis 76; which of the following type of tremor is characterized by an increase in amplitude when the patient attempts voluntary movement 77; Jennifer is an 18 years old girl who comes to the emergency room after a fall during a soccer games. Jennifer explains that she fell on her left side and kept her arm out straight to break her fall. She has been experiencing severe pain and limited range of motion in her left shoulder. The clinician has diagnosed Jennifer with a dislocated shoulder. Which of the following statements are true concerning shoulder dislocation? 78;The patient is diagnosed with urge incontinence. Before prescribing Detrol XL the provider should question the patient about which of these contraindications to this medication? 79; the A” in SNAPPS stands for assessment 80; the most cost effective screening test to determine HIV status is which of the following? 81; The clinician see a patient who is 5 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds (BMI 29.3). How would the clinician classify this patient? 82; The presence of hairy leukoplakia in a person with no other symptoms of immune suppression is strongly suggestive of which type of infection? 83;Nathan a 32 years old policeman has a 15-pack year history of smoking and continue to smoke heavily. He gets irate during every visit when you try to talk to him about quitting. What should you do? 84; which of the following test is considered the “gold standard” for definitively diagnosis osteoporosis? 85; You are performing muscle strength testing on a patient presenting with musculoskeletal pain and find that the patient has complete ange of motion with gravity eliminated. Which numeric grade of muscle strength would you give this patient? 86; Preceptors must always see the patients that the student sees in the clinical setting 87;Jason; age 62 has obstructive sleep apnea. What do you think is one of his contributing factors? 88; Treatment for epididymis includes which of the following? 89; Joyce is seen in the clinic complaining of vague symptoms of feeling nervous and irritable and that her hair will not hold a permanent wave anymore. On physical examination, the clinician finds an irregular heartbeat and brisk reflexes. The differential diagnosis should include which of the following conditions? 90; A 22 years old male is seen in the clinic because he found a hard lump in his testicle during a testicular self-exam (TSE). Which of the following should be included in the differential diagnosis? 91; All student are subject to review of clinical logs to ensure that they have received a well-rounded experience 92; Josh, aged 22 has tinea vesicolor. Which description is the most likely for this condition? 93; A pt present with the following signs and symptoms gradual onset of low-grade fever, marked fatgue, severe score throat, and posterior cervical lymphadenopathy. Based on the signs and symptoms alone which patient the following conditions are most likely the cause? 94; Cydney was just diagnosed with mild, intermittent asthma. Which is the most appropriate medication foe her? 95; which is the differentiating symptom between labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis? 96; An 86 years old woman is seen in the clinic for recurrent hematuria. The provider suspect bladder cancer. Which of the following information from the history would be considered a risk factor for this type of cancer? 97; which of the following statement is true concerning the musculoskeletal exam? 98; The differential diagnosis for vertigo can be classified into which of the following categories Ans: Peripheral vestibular disease, CNC disorders, Systemic Disorders. 99; Which statement about HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for health-care workers is most accurate? 100;Your patient has decided to give Chantix a try to quit smoking. You are discussing his quit date and he will begin taking the medication starting tomorrow. When should he plan to quit smoking? 101; An 82 years old man is seen in the primary care office with complaints of dribbling urine and difficulty starting his stream. Which of the following should be included in the list of differentials? 102;A 22-year-old is seen complaining of vague belly pain. This type of pain is seen at what point in appendicitis? 103;In which of the following situations would referral to a specialist be needed for sinusitis? [Show More]

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