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BIS 245: Case Study Guide - Small Surgery Center - DeVry University, Chicago Attachments area 100% PASS

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Team Case Study Team Case Study: Database Design BIS245 Team Case Study DATABASE DESIGN Primary Keys and Attributes The primary keys will include, Doctor’s ID, Patients ID, and proce... dures ID, and Appointment ID. Data types for each entity Patients entity – patients first and last names, name of kin, date of birth, postal address, social security number, sex, contact number. Doctor entity – Name of doctor, doctor work ID, area of speciality. Appointment entity – Appointment, name of doctor ID, patient ID, Date, Time. Medical Procedure entity – Medical procedure ID, Order Number, Patient ID, doctor ID, Treatment ID Treatment entity – Treatment ID, Fee, type of treatment Entity relationships explained The patient can have many doctors representing a many too many to one relationship. The doctor can order several tests representing a one to many relationships. One doctor performs a single procedure per patient making it a one to one relationship. Team Case Study ER diagram This study source was downloaded by 100000831157179 from on 09-13-2021 04:34:26 GMT -05:00 Team Case Study Relationships between the entities Team Case Study Database tables Patients table Field Data Type Key Constraint Patient _treatment no (11) INT PK Not Null Name Varchar (100) Not Null contact Varchar (100) Not null Phone Varchar (100) Not null Insurance_ID Varchar (100) Not null Sex Varchar (20) Not Null DOB Varchar (100) Not Null Doctor’s table Field Data type KEY Constraint Doctor ID Int (11) Pk Not Null Doctor Name Varchar (50) Not Null Speciality Varchar (100) Not Null Patient appointment table Field Data Type Key Constraint Appointment_ID INT (11) PK Not Null Doctor_ID INT (11) Not Null Patient_ID INT (11) Not Null Date INT (11) Not Null Time INT (11) Not Null Medical Procedure Table Team Case Study Field Data Type Key Constraint Medical_procedure_I D INT (11) PK Not Null Order_Number INT (11) Not Null Pasinetti INT(11) Not Null Doc_ID INT (11) Not Null Treatment_ID INT(11) Not Null Treatment table Field Data Type Key Constraint Treatment_ID INT (11) PK Not Null Treatment_fee INT (11) Not Null Treatment_name INT Varchar (200) Not Null Note: Foreign keys include: Patient_ID, Doctor_ID, and Treatment_ID. References Cason, S. P., & Musa, M. A. (2000). U.S. Patent No. 6,035,300. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Harrington, J. L. (2009). Relational database design and implementation: clearly explained. Morgan Kaufmann. Wilson, A., & Childs, S. (2002). The relationship between consultation length, process and outcomes in general practice: a systematic review. Br J Gen Pract [Show More]

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