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Atls Post-Test-NEW GRADED 100 %% Shinta R. Widya, MD

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Shinta R. Widya, MD–Post Test ATLS11.Which of the following signs is LEAST reliable for diagnosing esophageal intubation?aSymmetrical chest wall movementbEnd tidal CO2 presence by colorimetrycBilate... ral breath soundsdOxygen saturation >92%eETT above carina on chest x-ray2.Which one of the following signs necessitates a definitive airway in severe trauma patients?aFacial lacerationsbRepeated vomitingcSevere maxillofacial fracturesdSternal fractureeGCS score of 123.Twenty seven patients are seriously injured in an aircraft crash at a local airport. The principles of triage include:aEstablish a triage site within the internal perimeter of the crash sitebTreat only the most severely injured patients firstcImmediately transport all patients to the nearest hospitaldTreat the greatest number of patients in the shortest period of timeeProduce the greatest number of survivors based on available resources4.Which one of the following statements is correct?aCerebral contusions may coalesce to form an intracerebral hematomabEpidural hematomas are usually seen in frontal regioncSubdural hematomas are caused by injury to the middle meningeal arterydSubdural hematomas typically have a lenticular shape on CT scaneThe associated brain damage is more severe in epidural hematomas5.An 18 year old male is brought to the emergency department after having been shot. He has one bullet wound just below the right clavicle and another just below the costal margin in the right posterior axillary line. His BP is 110/60 mmHg, HR is 90 bpm, and RR is 34 bpm. After ensuring apatent airway and inserting 2 large caliber iv line, the next appropriate step is to:aObtain a portable chest x-raybAdminister a bolus of additional iv fluidcPerform a laparotomydObtain an abdominal CT scanePerform diagnostic peritoneal lavage6.An 8 year old boy falls 4,5 meters (15 feet) from a tree and is brought to the emergency department by his family. His vital signs are normal, but he complains of left upper quadrant pain. An abdominal CT scan reveals a moderately severe laceration of the spleen. The receiving institution does not have 24 hour a day operating room capabilities. The most appropriate management of this patient would be:aType and crossmatch for bloodbRequest consultation of a pediatriciancTransfer the patient to a trauma centerdAdmit the patient to the ICUePrepare the patient for surgery the next day7.A 17 year old helmeted motorcyclist is struck broadside by an automobile at an intersection. He is unconscious at the scene with a BP of 140/90 mmHg, HR of 90 bpm, and RR of 22 bpm. His respirations are sonorous and deep. His GCS score is 6. Immobilization of the entire patient may include the use of all the following, except:aAir splintsbBolstering devicesc...d...e...8.A construction worker falls from a scaffold and is transferred to the emergency department. His HR is 124 bpm and BP is 85/60 mmHg. He complains of lower abdominal pain. After assessing the airway and chest, immobilizing the c-spine and initiating fluid resuscitation, the next step is to perform:aFAST exambDetailed neurological examcRectal examdCervical spine x-rayeUrethral catheterization9.A 22 year old male sustains a shotgun wound to the left shoulder and chest at close range. His BP is 80/40 mmHg and his HR is 130 bpm. After 2 liters of crystalloid solution are rapidly infused, his BP increases to 122/84 mmHg, and HR decreases to 100 bpm. He is tachypneic with RR of 28 bpm. On physical examination, his breath sounds are decreased at the left upper chest with dullness on percussion. A large caliber (36 french) tube thoracostomy is inserted in the fifth intercostal space with the return of 200 ml of blood and no air leak. The most appropriate next step is to:aInsert a folley catheterbBegin to transfuse o-negative bloodcPerform thoracotomydObtain a CT scan of the chest and abdomeneRepeat the physical examination of the chest10.Which one of the following statements concerning spine and spinal cord trauma is true?aA normal lateral c-spine film excludes injurybA vertebral injury is unlikely in the absence of physical findings of acord injurycA patient with a suspected spine injury requires immobilization on a short spinedDiaphragmatic breathing in an unconscious patient who has fallen is a sign of spine injuryeDetermination of whether a spinal cord lesion is complete or incompletemust be made in the primary survey11.A 20 year old athlete is involve in a motorcycle crash. When he arrives in the emergency department, he shouts that he cannot move his legs. On physical examination, there are no abnormalities of the chest, abdomen or pelvis. The patient has no sensation in his legs and cannot move them, but his arms are moving. The patient’s RR is 22 bpm, HR is 88 bpm, and BP is 80/60 mmHg. He is pale and sweaty. What is the most likely cause of this condition?aNeurogenic shockbCardiogenic shockcAbdominal hemorrhagedMyocardial contusioneHyperthermia12.A 28 year old male is brought to the emergency department. He was involved in a flight in which he was beaten with a wooden stick. His chest shows multiple severe bruises. His airway is clear, RR is 22 bpm, HR is 126 bpm, and SBP is 90 mmHg. Which of the following should be performed during the primary survey?aGCSbCervical spine x-raycTT administrationdBlood alcohol leve [Show More]

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