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ATI-Comprehensive Test A Remediation Practice

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DVT – heparin – elevated leg to reduce edema and further risk 2. Child safety a. No skateboarding under 5yo b. No sun between 1000 and 1400 c. Cut hotdogs lengthwise 3. Infection prevention w... hen on chemo a. No water or liquids at room temperature that have been out for over 1 hour b. Clean toothbrush in dishwasher once weekly c. Take temp once weekly and notify provider if over 100 d. Ambulate short distances to prevent pulmonary stasis and respiratory infections 4. 6m infant diet a. 1 Tbsp/year of age (in general) b. Under 12m – ½ to ¾ Tbsp appropriate c. 100% juice – 120 to 180 ml d (4-6 oz) after 6m 5. Mechanical restrains a. Don’t remove unless client calm, in control, and follows simple commands b. Assess physical needs, safety, comfort q 15-30 min and document c. New Rx q4 hr 18yo and older, q2 hr 9-17 yo, q1 hr under 9yo d. Staff remains continuously with client or constant viewing with audiovisual equipment 6. Umbilical cord prolapses a. Knee-chest position 7. True labor a. Cervix transitions to anterior position and begins to dilate in preparation b. Contractions primarily in lower abdomen and back c. Contractions intensifies with increased ambulation d. Cervix shortens and thins 8. Nurse manager changing scheduling system, action to facilitate a. Provide information about scheduling issues to the staff i. 1st stage of change process is unfreezing stage 1. Informing staff about issues increases understanding of why changes needed 9. Uric acid-based urinary calculi formation a. Can eat citrus fruits b. DO NOT EAT – liver & chicken (organ meats, which contain purine) and red wine the same 10. Estradiol teaching a. Headaches – indicate thromboembolic stroke [Show More]

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