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ATI-RN Comprehensive Practice B Remediation latest A+ rated for 2021

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 Advance Directives/Self-Determination/Life Planning o Professional Responsibilities: Evaluating Client Understanding of Advance Directives  Inform the client that he/she can designate a heal... th care surrogate to make informed decisions for a them for when they become incompetent or unable to.  Educate the client that the surrogate should be someone who is familiar with the client’s wishes.  Educate the client that a durable power of attorney is an adjunct to a living will and it is a more effective way of ensuring that the client’s decisions about health care are honored.  Advocacy o Professional Responsibilities: Teaching About Advocacy  The nurse plays the role of the informer, supporter, and mediator, for the client.  It is the nurse’s responsibility to advocate for resources or services that meet the client’s health care needs.  Nurses acts as advocates for communities and populations through efforts to change the health care systems and improve quality of life.  Assignment, Delegation and Supervision o Managing Client Care: Planning Tasks to Delegate to an Assistive Personnel  The assistive personnel can be delegated tasks that are related to ADLs such as bathing, grooming, feeding the patient, and etc.  The assistive personnel can be delegated to obtain vital signs for a patient that is in stable condition.  The assistive personnel can be delegated to obtain the patient’s intake and output. [Show More]

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