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HESI A2 - Math - Practice Exam /2021

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How many centimeters are there in a foot? Joe makes $20 an hour and Tim makes $30 an hour. How many hours more than Tim must Joe work to earn the same amount Tim makes in 4 hours? 2 hours Ther... e are 6,657 marbles in a jar. Approximately 34% are white, and the rest are black. How many black marbles are there? 4,394 At a comic book store, Robert purchased three comics for $2.65 each. If he paid with a $20 bill, how much change did he receive? What is the boiling point of water? How many ounces are in a ton? Subtract: 8,674.5 − 9 How many yards are in a mile? A nurse working at a medical clinic earns $17.81 per hour. The nurse works three 8-hour shifts and one 12-hour shift every week, and is paid weekly. Weekly deductions are: federal tax $102.80, state tax $24.58, federal insurance $18.13, and family health insurance $52.15. What is the nurse's take-home pay each week? There are 48 students studying foreign language at the community college. If the only two foreign languages offered are French and Spanish, and 28 students are studying French, which of the following represents the ratio of students studying Spanish to the total number of foreign language students? how many grams in 4 kilograms? how many pints in 56 ounces? how many meters are in 3 kilograms? how many ounces in 3/4 pints? how many litters are in 5000 mili? 5truck driver traveled 925 miles from 8am Tuesday to 5pm Wednesday. during that time, he stopped 30 min for lunch and gas at 1pm Tuesday. stopped for the night at 7pm and was back on the road at 5am [Show More]

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