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1. What is the first hormone in the menstrual cycle? 2. What hormone surges just before ovulation? 3. Maternal mortality is per 4. Normal vitals for newborns are 5. Ovulation occurs on what day ... on a normal cycle? 6. How many primordial follicles develop every month? 7. How many will be expressed out of the 6-12 follicles? 8. Primordial follicles mature into what kind of follicles? 9. After the egg is expressed, what is the cavity it came from? 10. How long will the corpus luteum produce estrogen & progesterone if plantation does not take place? 11. How long will the corpus luteum produce estrogen & progesterone if plantation does take place? 12. When the corpus luteum is no longer producing hormones, what does It turn into? 13. When you observe a c-section & you look at the ovaries, they show white speckled spots on them, what is that called? 14. What hormone is highest in the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle? 15. Estrogen is responsible for doing what? 16. When estrogen decrease before ovulation, what hormone is going to take over? 17. Progesterone is the main hormone in what phase of the menstrual cycle? 18. What is one of the main functions of progesterone? 19. What is another thing that progesterone does when we talk about different methods of contraceptives 20. The union of the sperm & ovum is called what? 21. What does implantation take place? 22. How long does it take to migrate through the fallopian tube before it is 23. By the time it is knocking on the door & it has been 3-4 days, it is now called what? 24. How many blastomeres are in the morula? 25. The uterus welcomes the morula & it changes into what, at this point? 26. How long does it hang in the uterus before it finds a place to implant? 27. where does it implant in the uterus? 28. what is the outside layer of the blastocyst called? 29. what are the 2 functions that the trochoblast do? (in needs to embed into the endometrium) 30. what is HCG? 31. what hormone resembles the thyroid? 32. what hormone is steady & rises at its peak & is an insulin antagonist? 33. which hormones are going to be produced until the placenta starts to develop? 34. Which hormone (estrogen or progesterone) needs precursors from the infant’s adrenal glands in the liver? 35. What are the 3 shunts in the baby’s circulation? 36. The ductus venous shunts blood away from what major organ. 37. Next, the blood will be dumped into what area of the heart? 38. In fetal circulation the pressures are on highest on what side of the heart? 39. Why? 40. when will one see the pressures higher on the left side of the heart? 41. the blood is going to be shunted from the right to left via what? 42. when a little blood is dropped into the right ventricle, where does it go? 43. The majority of the blood is going to go where after it is pumped through the baby’s system? 44. Why do we use the other shunts? (what are we bypassing) 45. Think of the heart beat, if the blood goes into the right ventricle where does it go? (baby is born) 46. What will make the valves stay open after the baby is born? 47. The above is called what? 48. what are the 3 types of IUD’s 49. how long is the copper IUD good for? 50. how long is murina good for ? 51. an IUD has just been placed, what are we going to teach her about checking for placement? 52. is an IUD procedure an invasive procedure? 53. what are 2 risks pertaining to insertion of the IUD? 54. A woman with an IUD, should have multiple partners or one partner? 55. birth control pills work how? 56. what are the 4 types of natural family planning methods? 57. what is this method: client takes her temp for 5 full minutes prior ro getting out of bed, temperature decreases slightly before ovulation, temperature increase during the fertile time- second half of cycle because of progesterone, avoid sexual intercourse until 3rd day when temperature rises 58. what is this method: it is based on changes in the cervical mucus, goes from thick & sticky to clear, slippery stretchy, called spinnbarkheit. Fertile time is when it stretched 1 inch to evening of the 3rd day 59. what is this method: woman must have regular cycles, must keep track of cycles for 6 months, subtract 18-21 days from shortest cycle & 9-11 days from the longest cycle. 60. what is this method: combines all three methods together, mittelschmerz-pain on ovulation 61. which is more effective(against becoming pregnant) in percentage wise, spermicide or male condoms 62. which is more effective (against becoming pregnant) in percentage wise, the female condom or spermicides with a male condom 63. how long do you leave a diaphragm in after intercourse? 64. how long can a cervical cap be left in? 65. what is the #1 method of birth control? 66. what are the oral contraceptive danger signs? (ACHES) 67. what contraceptive method is the only one to prevent STD’s? 68. what are the IUD danger signs? (PAINS) 69. how do you do nageles rule? 70. Softening of the cervix is called wat type of maternal adaptation? 71. At the 6th week of pregnancy the lower uterine segment is so soft that is can be compressed to the thinness of paper, this is called what type of maternal adaptation? 72. The blue-purple color on the mucus membranes of the vagina just below the urethral orifice, caused by increased vascularity, is called hwat type of maternal adapation? 73. irregular mild contractions, that occurs throughout pregnancy. They become strong & more evident in 3rd trimester is called what? 74. mask of pregnancy. Skin on face gets dark around the edges & sometimes over cheekbones. This is called what? 75. a dark line from the symphysis pubis to umbilicus dues to increase melanocyte hormones is called what? 76. mouth & gum are vascular & usually bleed, mouth tremors, d/t hormone usually are benign sometimes, don’t go away after pregnancy. This is called what? 77. excessive salavation, embarrassing & annoying. This is called what? 78. conception up to the first week is called? 79. subjective signs, least reliable indications, s/s which could possibly indicate pregnancy, but could be attributed to other causes, n/v, increased urination, amenorrhea breast tenderness, fatigue. These are isgns of pregnancy & are called what type of signs? 80. objective signs, s/s which most likely indicate pregnancy, positive pregnancy test, feeling outline of fetus, enlargemtns of abdomen, contractions, pigmentation changes, quickening, goodell’s sign, chadwick’s sign. These are signs of pregnancy & are called what type of signs? 81. fetal heart beat, ultrasound/sonogram, fetal movement felt by someone other than mother. These signs of pregnancy are called what type of signs? 82. what are the types of labs drawn for prenatal assessment? 83. what are some supplements given to the pregnant lady? 84. iron ( 1000mg p/day) is best given with what? 85. how much extra protein should a pregnant lady have? 86. what is the normal expected weight gain? 87. how many pounds the first, second & third trimester? 88. what strengthens the perineal muscles 89. what is lordosis? 90. what exercise should we teach the mom who is experiencing lordosis? 91. a lady is 3cm dilated 50% effacement, -1 stage, what stage of labor is she in? what phase? 92. what typer of breathing technique would we want to teach a laboring lady in latent phase? 93. the monitor strip is showing early decels, what does it mean? • Wharting jelly is used • how far of dilation will we see in an active phase of labor? • what type of breathing technique would we want her to do in the active phase of labor? • your patients water breaks, how often will we take her temperature? • what does variable decelerations indicate? • what is the first nursing intervention you would do after the women’s water breaks? • the fetal heart monitor is showing various v-shape or w-shape patterns, what is this called? • if the mom has a SROM (spontaneous rupture of the membranes) what would the nurse be most worried about if there is a prolapsed cord? • when do we take vitla signs during a laboring woman? Why? • is the baby’s blood supply cut off when the above happens? • what is the unit called that hasthe maternal blood supply & fetal blood supply so the above can happen during a contraction? • how many cotyledons are in a placenta? • period from the beginning of a uterine contraction to the end of the same contraction, is called what? • what is acceleration defined as? • what does acceleration show us? • accelerations happen in relationship to? • if you have a variable deceleration below 70 for 60 seconds, are we concern? What would happen? • What is the first tocolytic you would probably see if someone comes in with preterm labor? • Why is magnesium sulfate only used for short term? • what are the 5 classic signs of magnesium sulfate toxicity? • what would you have on standby if you have the above signs? • what is the main thing you want to watch for when terbutaline is given? • what is a calcium channel blocker we use for a tocolytic? • what does APGAR stand for? • the baby’sheart rate is below 100/min, his muscle tone is minimal flexion of extremeties (sluggish movements), he has spontaneous respirations with strong lusty cry, respnods promptly to suction or a gentle slap to the sole, he has bluish feet, what is the baby’s apgar score? • ballard scale brazelton scale • what are 2 things that can happen to a baby with a temperature of 96.9? • what are the 3 classic signs of respiratory distress? • is the normal finding: postpartum assessment reveals that the lady’s fundus is 2 fingerbreaths below the umbilicus? • what would you tell the client when you are assessing her fundus? • when will the pt/nurse not be able to palpate her fundus • what would happen to her lochia? (changes) • what are the 3 positive signs of pregnancy? • the lady is restless, fundus is 4 fingerbreaths above the umbilicus, deviated to the right, 2 pads are saturated & 2 chucks are saturated. What would you do? • what are the 3 causes of postpartum hemorrhage? • pooling cause what? • what medication would want to give her if she has clots? • what are the BP requirements of methergine? • what if her uterus is hard, and she still has this pool of blood, what would you look for? • what else do you observe for besides boggy on the fundus? • what does BUBBLE & HE stand for? • you have a cardiac pt in labor, how would you position her? • during pregnancy the main concern of the cardiac patient is what? • you have a cardiac patient ready to deliver her baby, how would you poition her now? • what is the crucial time for the cardiac patient? • we have successfully stopped contraction with trebutaline & the fibronectine test came back negative, the lady is going to be sent home, what medication will she be sent home on? • developmental tasks: mother thinks of herself; thinks about significant other will feel about the fetus. This is seen in what trimester? • developmental tasks: feels quickening, concerned how significant other will feel aobut the fetus. this is seen in what trimester? • what is the major task relating to developmental tasks in the first trimester? • a lady comes in with abdominal pain & vaginal bleeding, what do you think might be her problem? • what is the difference between placenta previa & abruption placentae? • what are some s/s of hypovolemic shock? • if a woman is GDN, in her first half of her pregnancy would her insulin need be lower or higher? • if a woman is GDM, in her 2nd 20 weeks of pregnancy would her insulin needs be lower or higher • second 20 weeks a woman with GDM, is more prone to hypo or hyper glycemia? • when do we test for suga? Why? • RDS (respiratory distress syndrome) is mainly caused by? • what can happen if we have a vasoconstriction? • when & why do you see patholological jaundice? • when do you see physiological jaundice? • kernicterus is bilirubin deposits in the fat tissue of the brain • what are the 3 tests used to test for fetal lung maturity? • blood pressure is 150/100, protein is 2+, swelling in hands & face, these are s?s of what? • severe preeclampsia blood pressure is defined as? • what would you do when a lady comes in with preeclampsia? • what fetal surveillance would you have her do if she has preeclampsia & sent home? • what 2 types of tests would the mother have d/t she has preeclampsia? • what are some signs of an impeding seizure? when do you gavage? • how long can you freeze milk? • how do you defrost breast milk? • what is the mot common form of analgesia used? • what are the side effects of an epidural? • what do they need to do before putting the epidural in? • do they do spinal for L&D? 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