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ServSafe Food Safety Manager Exam 7th Edition exam 2023 foodborne illness (fbi) - ANSWER a disease transmitted to people by food foodborne illness outbreak - ANSWER symptoms after eating the same food... TCS food - ANSWER when 2 or more people have the same food that needs time and temperature control for safety ready to eat food - ANSWER food that can be eaten without further preparation, washing or cooking EX deli-meats, washed fruits and veggies, bakery items, and sugar, spices, and seasonings 3 major contaminants - ANSWER biological, chemical, and physical 5 most common food handling mistakes - ANSWER purchasing food from unsafe sources, failing to cook food correctly, holding food at incorrect temperatures, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene Practices related to foodborne illness - ANSWER Time Temperature Abuse, Cross Contamination, poor personal hygiene, and poor cleaning and sanitizing time-temperature abuse - ANSWER when food stays too long at temperatures that are good for the growth of pathogens cross-contamination - ANSWER surface or food to another TCS Foods list - ANSWER *milk and dairy * Meat- beef, pork, and lamb * Shell eggs *poultry- chicken, turkey, duck *fish *shellfish and crustaceans *baked potato when pathogens are transferred from one * heat treated plant food - cooked rice, beans, and vegetables *tofu and soy products *sprouts and sprout seeds *sliced melons, cut tomatoes, cut leafy greens *untreated garlic and oil ... Purchase document to see full attachment [Show More]

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