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2024 HESI Community Health Practice Exam Test Bank - All Q&As Brand NEW Guaranteed A++

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1) A client presents at a community-based clinic with complaints of short- ness of breath, headache, dizziness, and nausea. During the assessment, the nurse learns that the client is a migrant worke... r who often uses a gaso- line-powered pressure washer to clean equipment and farm buildings.Whichtype of poisoning is the most likely etiology of this client's symptoms? a. asbestos b. silica dust c. histoplasmosis d. carbon monoxide 2) The nurse is conducting a process evaluation of a prevention education program for older adults who are risk for substance abuse. Which data source provides the information the nurse needs to conduct this process evaluation? a. client's score on an alcohol screening instrument b. results of a urine drug and alcohol screen c. most recent community census data d. documentation of client education in the nursing record 3) A 17-year old unmarried, pregnant client with drug addiction is a high school dropout, homeless, and has a history of past abuse arrives at the clinic for her first prenatal visit. Which findings should the nurse documentas health risk factors for the client? (Select all that apply) a. age b. school dropout c. drug addiction d. history of abuse e. pregnancy f. homelessness g. unmarried: a. age [Show More]

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