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WGU C181: Comprehensive Exam Guide US CONSTITUTION AND GOVERNMENT with 100% Correct Solutions

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Democratic socialism *** A socialist form of government that guarantees civil liberties such as freedom of speech and religion. Citizens determine the extent of government activity through free elec... tions and competitive political parties. Government *** The legitimate use of force within specified geographical boundaries to control human behavior. Communism *** A political system in which, in theory, ownership of all land and productive facilities is in the hands of the people (in effect, to the government), and all goods are equally shared. The production and distribution of goods are controlled by an authoritarian government. Laissez faire *** An economic doctrine that opposes any form of government intervention in business. Social equality *** Equality in wealth, education, and status. Police power *** The authority of a government to maintain order and safeguard citizens' health, morals, safety, and welfare. [Show More]

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