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UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity and Anti-infective Concept Lab. Shadow Health Focused Exam: Assignment 5.2

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Assignment 5.2: Shadow Health: Focused Exam: UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity and Anti-infective Concept Lab Summary of Shadow Health Assignment In this shadow health assignment, I had taken ... care of a 21-years old patient named Makayla Henderson who presented with urinary tract infection symptoms. Makayla Henderson is a senior college student who stated that she is a biracial woman. Ms. Henderson stated her urinary tract symptoms were presented three days ago, complained of cramping in the lower abdominal area with dysuria, and urgency to void. Ms. Henderson stated she avoid drinking water to eliminate her urinary frequency and educated the importance of regular fluid intakes to flush the bacteria out of her body and to hydrate her body. Since the patient is allergic to the sulfa drug, choosing the Nitrofurantoin drug is optimal to eradicate uncomplicated urinary tract symptoms; adding phenazopyridine medication therapy will also help Ms. Henderson with urinary dysuria and urgency. Since Ms. Henderson has low health literacy levels, assessing the symptoms, allergy, medical history, family medical history, and performing patient teaching are important to increase her knowledge and to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. Patient educations such as wiping from front to back, wear cotton underwear, finishing antibiotic therapy even after she feels better to fully eradicate all the bacteria, and returning to care if symptoms are not improving are performed to improve quality of care. ......continued [Show More]

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