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TEST BANK for Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care 9th Edition by Carol Taylo, Pamela Lynn and Jennifer Bartlett.  (Complete Chapters 1-46)

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Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care 9th Edition by Carol R. Taylor PhD MSN RN, Pamela B Lynn EdD MSN RN and Jennifer L Bartlett Ph.D. RN-BC CNE CHSE. ISBN-10 149636... 2179, ISBN-13 978-1496362179.  All Chapters 1-46. (Complete Download). TEST BANK.  TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction to Nursing Chapter 2 Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice Chapter 3 Health, Wellness, and Health Disparities Chapter 4 Health of the Individual, Family, and Community Chapter 5 Cultural Diversity Chapter 6 Values, Ethics, and Advocacy Chapter 7 Legal Dimensions of Nursing Practice Chapter 8 Communication Chapter 9 Teaching and Counseling Chapter 10 Leading, Managing, and Delegating Chapter 11 The Health Care Delivery System Chapter 12 Collaborative Practice and Care Coordination Across Settings Chapter 13 Blended Competencies, Clinical Reasoning, and Processes Chapter 14 Assessing Chapter 15 Diagnosing Chapter 16 Outcome Identification and Planning Chapter 17 Implementing Chapter 18 Evaluating Chapter 19 Documenting and Reporting Chapter 20 Nursing Informatics Chapter 21 Developmental Concepts Chapter 22 Conception Through Young Adult Chapter 23 The Aging Adult Chapter 24 Asepsis and Infection Control Chapter 25 Vital Signs Chapter 26 Health Assessment Chapter 27 Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Chapter 28 Complementary and Integrative Health Chapter 29 Medications Chapter 30 Perioperative Nursing Chapter 31 Hygiene Chapter 32 Skin Integrity and Wound Care Chapter 33 Activity Chapter 34 Rest and Sleep Chapter 35 Comfort and Pain Management Chapter 36 Nutrition Chapter 37 Urinary Elimination Chapter 38 Bowel Elimination Chapter 39 Oxygenation and Perfusion Chapter 40 Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid–Base Balance Chapter 41 Self-Concept Chapter 42 Stress and Adaptation Chapter 43 Loss, Grief, and Dying Chapter 44 Sensory Functioning Chapter 45 Sexuality Chapter 46 Spirituality [Show More]

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