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What is nephrotic syndrome? (Ans- A condition of increased glomerular permeability that allows larger molecules to pass through the membrane into the urine and then be excreted. What are key feat... ures of nephrotic syndrome? (Ans- -*Massive proteinuria* -*Hypoalbuminemia* -*Edema (facial and periorbital)* -Lipiduria -Hyperlipidemia -Increased coagulation -Reduced kidney function In nephrotic syndrome, severe protein loss in the urine is greater than what? (Ans- 3.5g in 24 hours What is nephrotic syndrome treated with? (Ans- -immunosuppressant agents (if immunity based). -ACE inhibitors (decreased protein loss in urine) -statins (improve blood lipid levels). -Heparin (used to treat vascular effects and improve kidney function) Describe the "risk" stage for AKI (Ans- creatinine x 1.5 of normal, and GFR reduced by 25% Describe the "injury" stage for AKI (Ans- creatinine x2 & GFR reduced by 50% Describe the "failure" stage for AKI (Ans- creatinine x3 normal, & GFR reduced by 75% (Cant fix) Describe Prerenal AKI. Give examples. (Ans- Decreased perfusion to kidneys. -NSAIDs -Severe dehydration -Renal artery stenosis -MI or HF resulting in low ejection fraction and low cardiac output -Blood/ fluid loss Describe Intrarenal AKI. Give examples. (Ans- Tissue damage to the actual kidneys. -Glomerulonephritis or inflammation of the glomeruli -Sepsis -Intrarenal bleeding -Pyelonephritis Describe Postrenal AKI. Give examples. (Ans- Obstruction that occurs after the kidney. -Enlarged prostate (BPH) -Bladder Cancer -Kidney stones How do you determine the mean arterial pressure (MAP)? (Ans- Systolic + (Diastolic*2) /3 What is the MAP needed to perfuse the kidneys? (Ans- 65 mmHg What are examples of nephrotoxic drugs? (Ans- -NSAIDS -Metformin -Diuretics -Antibiotics (especially -mycin) -Contrast dye [Show More]

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