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RBT Practice Exam: Questions & Answers: Latest Updated; Guaranteed A+ Score Guide

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What is a multiple relationship? Working with two clients at the same time Working with two different clients Having two different relationships with one client Working with a client in the commun... ity and clinic settings (Ans- C: Having two different relationships with one client Which of the following is part of the RBT ethical code? Be compassionate for the less fortunate Be truthful and honest Resolve all issues formally If there is an issue, file a formal complaint immediately (Ans- B: Be truthful and honest A client gives you a bottle opener from their birthday party. What does the ethical code say you should do? Refuse the gift and send a letter home that forbids future gifting. Accept and use in front of them to make them feel good. Politely decline and explain to them/ their parents the nature of your professional relationship. Throw it away immediately. (Ans- C: Politely decline and explain to them/parents their nature of your professional relationship What should you do if you are arrested for a minor marijuana charge? Report to BACB within 24 hours Do not report; this is not a fireable offense and your credential with remain in tact Provide 2 weeks notice to employer Report to BACB within 30 days (Ans- D: Report to BCBA within 30 days Which is considered confidential information per the BACB ethical code? Information about a client that can be found online Information about the people that RBT works with Written records Electronic records All of the above (Ans- All of the above If you are not providing direct ABA services and are having a fun Friday, what should you do? Do not make reference to, display, or otherwise use your RBT Explain to parents that ABA was being performed under their RBT credential Display your RBT certificate when requested Bill since you have the RBT credential (Ans- Do not make reference to, display, or otherwise use your RBT Your supervisor requests that you work with a new client who has behaviors you have never encountered. What should you do? Refuse as you lack experience in this type of behavior Request more training from supervising BCBA Accept since you are contractually obligated Politely decline (Ans- Request more training from supervising BCBA Which antecedent increases or decreases the value of a consequence? Abolishing Operation Establishing Operation Motivating Operation SD (Ans- Motivating operations How long the behavior occurs refers to what measurement dimension? Duration Momentary time sampling Latency Tally/ Count (Ans- Duration John is recording data on aggression by counting the number of scratches left on his body after a session. What kind of measurement is this? Duration Time sampling Continuous measurement Permanent product (Ans- Permanent product Escape, attention, tangible, sensory are examples of: Functions of behavior Teaching strategies Types of prompts Dimensions of ABA (Ans- Functions of behavior Determined by ABC Data Prompt level Duration Function Inter-response time (Ans- Function The breakdown of a task into its individual components and steps. Discrete trial Forward chaining Stimulus control Task analysis (Ans- Task analysis Signals that reinforcement is available. Sd Sdelta SR- VR-3 (Ans- SD Examples are food, water, sex, sleep. Secondary reinforcement Primary reinforcement Sd Consequence of behavior (Ans- Primary reinforcment Examples are money and tokens. Primary reinforcement Secondary reinforcement Economic reinforcement Fiscal considerations (Ans- Secondary reinforcement Increases the future likelihood of behavior. Punishment Motivation Rewards Reinforcement (Ans- Reinforcment Adding a stimulus which increases the future likelihood of behavior. Positive reinforcement Positive punishment Negative reinforcement Negative punishment (Ans- Positive Reinforcement [Show More]

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