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Young 2Although I have never raised a child, I am the product of parenting and so are my friends,but we have all been raised with different parenting styles and upbringings. While some friendswere chi... ldren of free-range parenting, helicopter parenting, or authoritative, I envision we can allsee eye to eye when Skenazy explains the government's overprotection regarding children beingby themselves:"A mom in Chicago is on the child abuse registry for letting her children 11, 9,and 5 play in the park literally across the street from her house—even though she peeked out atthem every 10 minutes"(316). Expanding on that quote, it is understanding of why thegovernment might have worried for those children; however, she shouldn't be put on a childabuse list justbecause she wasn't always right next to her children. If anything, she should'vejust been questioned if she was aware of her children's presence and taken it from there.Even though having your child learn different leadership roles is important, Skenazycompletely disregards the alternative ways a kid could mindlessly learn individual skills likeproblem-solving. She attempts to use pathos by portraying as though the only fun way a kid canlearn individual skills is by playing outside on their own:"Howcan we be the home of the bravewhen we're too scared to let our kids go out and become smart, successful, resilient, resourcefuland independent by doing what we all did at their age? Playing"(316). I'm not sure if sherealizes, but this is the 21st century. In correlation, there are online and mobile games thatrequire diverse types of strategies to be successful. This opens the possibilities of making thechildren brainstorm and communicate with other alternative ideas to be successful. For example,a game called League of Legends is the perfect example. While in the game, it allows the playerto strategize with your teammates as well as calling out to your team where the enemies are andhow to eliminate them. Another benefit of this view that she forgot to recognize, is that thechildren don't even have to watch nor go outside for them to develop these particular skills. She Young 3almost believes as though every kid wants to go outside. Most would probably prefer to playonline and communicate with their friends and build skills that way anyways like I did when akid.While giving your children free time to go play with friends is great, that doesn't meanthe parents lack the right to worry about their children's safety. Although I don't have a child, Iwould still say I'dbe thinking about my kid if they're witha friend or if a stranger so happens tocome close to them. Near the end of her essay, she mimics what other parents possibly think orsay:"Sick of thinking, 'A stranger near the school? Abduction!'"She goes on to explain we needto stop making ourselves paranoid by worrying about nothing. So what some parents are afraid ifthey see a stranger by their child at school? Does that mean parents aren't allowed to question ifthat stranger is a predator to the kid they love? Maybe she isn't as worried about her kid as mostparents are, but that doesn't [Show More]

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