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ATI- Vital Signs Test Questions and Answers Latest 2022(Correct guide)

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1. When auscaltating a pt's apical pulse, you listen until you hear the S1 and S2 heart sounds clearly and regularly. S2 is produced when the: semilunar valve closes 2. When preparing to use a tympan... ic thermometer, what step is most impor- tant for accuracy?>: gently pulling the pinna up and back. 3. When assessing a newly admitted pt, establish an accurate baseline for respirations by...: observing the pt's chest movements while appearing to assess his pulse. 4. What could affect your process of taking v/s?: if the pt is 60 lbs over weight. pt with a stuffy nose pt on digoxin pt with mastectomy 5. When assessing a pt's respirations, it is recommended that the pt: have the head of the bed elevates 45-60 degrees. 6. Where is the PMI aka apical pulse located?: at the 5th intercostal space as the left midclavicular line. 7. The difference between a pt's systolic and diastolic BP is called: the pulse pressure 8. The best way to determine the depth of a pt's respirations is to...: observe the degree of chest-wall movement during inspiration and expiration. 9. When taking an adults rectal temperature: insert the probe about an inch and a half into the pt;s anus. 10. the most important part in measuring the BP accurately is: using a cuff of the appropriate sizw 11. What do you expect with an elevated temperature: elevated pulse 12. Why is it important to hear the 4th korotkoff sound?: the 5th sound might not be audible 13. Which V/s should you attend to first?: RR 30/min 14. When measuring a pt's temo orally, where do you place the probe?: in the posterior lingual pocket lateral to the midline. 15. Antipryetic: reduces fever 16. Apnea: cessation of creating 17. Ausculatory gap: pertaining to the axilla, the cavity beneath the junction of a forelimb and the body, also called the armpit or the underarm [Show More]

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