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PMT 252 Mod 2 1. A new screen in special military portable screen readers may be needed based on a potential threat. The screens require a rare material that can only be sourced from one country tha... t has been unwilling to export the material. Does this statement reflect an issues, a risk, or an opportunity? a. Issue b. Risk 2. Which step of the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Process includes a continuous process to systematically track and evaluate the performance of risk mitigation phase? a. Monitoring 3. Which of the following is a critical success factor to ensure effective risk management (RM)? a. RM tools b. Risk Management roles, responsibilities, and relationships 4. How are framing assumptions (FAs) used? a. To shape cost, schedule, or performance expectations. 5. A program generally should have 3-5 framing assumptions. Which of the following is an attribute of a framing assumption? a. Is derivative of other assumptions. b. Consequences cannot be easily mitigated 6. Which of the following is an objective of risk process planning? a. Specifies the risks that will be transferred, accepted, and avoided. b. Ensures sound risk management (RM) principles, tools, and techniques are applied to the RM program. c. Describes how RM will be prioritized in relation to other aspects of the program. d. Identifies and describes the risk management (RM) roles and responsibilities for all program personnel. 7. Within a program, which of the following entities approves the Program Risk Process (PRP) Document? a. Integrated Program Team (IPT) Risk Working Group b. Risk Working Group 8. How can the government program office promote a collaborative government-contractor risk management (RM) program? a. Train government and contractor team members on RM basics 9. When should the Program Risk Process (PRP) Document be written? a. Before the RFP is issued. b. As soon as possible when starting a new project. 10. At the working level, which of the following is a responsibility of the Integrated Product Team (IPT) during the risk management (RM) process? a. Identify and submit candidate risks while supporting execution of the RM process. b. Review the risks owned by the IPTs. c. Review and validate identified program-level risks. d. Support engineering trade-off analyses to ensure risk elements are considered. e. Determine whether new or updated risk analysis and mitigation plans are adequate. Which of the following is one practical-albeit potentially biased-method for obtaining program risk-related information? a. Independent Assessments b. Expert interviews 12. The following describes which types of category of risk: In an effort to stem cyberattacks aimed at Navy fighter jet communications and other essential systems, a new program is launched to reengineer the system integration to improve overall system security. If the initial reprogramming adjustments do not pass testing, the communication system will require a complete reprogramming effort, requiring an additional 1 ½ years to the schedule. a. Programmatic b. Technical 13. A program’s training phase is schedule to run from mid-August through September in Guam. These dates coincide with typhoon season for the region. While not within the control or influence of the program manager, Guam is forecasted to receive six to eight storms this season. This best describes what type of risk source? a. External Factors 14. The U.S. Army is scheduled to perform a joint training exercise with the army of a cooperating nation in the host nation in 4 weeks? 100 personnel and heavy equipment will be sent to the site at a cost of $1.3 million. However, the opposing party just won the presidential election, who has criticized major portions of the U.S. defense strategy and their close relationship to the U.S. Military. Your team has estimated a 50% chance that the exercise will be called off or postponed for at least a year. Based on the likelihood (L) and the consequence table, what are the appropriate likelihood and consequence (C) values? a. L=4 ; c=4 b. L=3; C=5 15. Monte Carlo simulations are an example of which type of risk analysis? a. Quantified schedule risk analysis and cost risk analysis. 16. Which of the following is presented in the resultant histogram of Monte Carlo simulations? a. The predicted end date of a specific task. b. The exact schedule duration based on one scenario using exact numbers. 17. Based on the results of a simulation, there is an 80% change that the project will end one week behind schedule. Using the table provided. What would the cumulative schedule risk be based on a one calendar week schedule delay? a. Prob 5; Schedule 2 18. Your program has next-generation servers using some advanced technology for its new database system. Recently, one of your network admins contacted you saying that the servers are reporting an alarming number of hardware malfunctions which are putting the testing schedule in jeopardy. In order to actively reduce the likelihood of the risk to an acceptable level and to minimize potential impacts to the program, she recommends considering using servers based on low-risk, mature technology. Which risk mitigation technique does her approach describe? a. Control 19. Your program needs a brief synopsis of each risk, including a graphic depiction of the current risk level and other basic information such as root causes and mitigation plan. Which risk monitoring tool would be most appropriate? [Show More]

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