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ESOC 150B1 Quiz Submissions - Quiz 3. Scored 15/15. University of Arizona.

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Question 1 ESOC 150B1 Quiz Submissions - Quiz Three Granovetter (1973) argued that a fundamental weakness of current sociological theory is that it does not relate _____________ to ____________ in a... ny convincing way. A) micro-level patterns; macro-level examples B) micro-level issues; macro-level problems C) micro-level interactions; macro-level patterns D) micro-aggressions; macro-problems View Feedback Question 2 The _______________ is a (probably linear) combination of the amount of time, the emotional intensity, the intimacy (mutual confiding), and the reciprocal services which characterize the tie. A) weakness of a link B) strength of a link C) strength of a tie D) weakness of a tie View Feedback Question 3 As Granovetter (1973) argued, stronger ties tend to involve larger _________ __________. A) monetary commitments B) relational commitments C) trust commitments D) time commitments View Feedback Question 4 In Granovetter's (1973) abstract (i.e., the first paragraph of the paper that is indented on every line), he contended that analysis of ______ ______ is suggested to be a tool for linking micro and macro levels of sociological theory. A) social norms B) social graces C) social networks D) social media View Feedback Question 5 True or False: Granovetter (1973) argued that sociometry, the precursor of network analysis, has always been curiously central in sociological theory. A) True B) False View Feedback Question 6 Sandra Petronio developed which of the following theories? A) Communication Accommodation Theory B) Communication Privacy Management Theory C) Uncertainty Reduction Theory D) Predicted Outcome Value Theory View Feedback Question 7 Petronio believes that sharing private information can _______ your relationships with significant people in your life. A) weaken B) dissolve C) strengthen D) threaten View Feedback Question 8 True or False: The third principle of Petronio's communication privacy management theory (CPM) listed in chapter 13 says that when others are told or given access to a person's private information, they become co-owners of that information. A) True B) False View Feedback Question 9 According to Petronio (Chapter 13), the five factors that play into the way we develop our own privacy rules are: A) culture, gender, context, motivation, and style B) context, style, motivation, age, and risk/benefit ratio C) culture, context, risk/benefit ratio, gender, and motivation D) context, motivation, gender, culture, and risk/benefit ratio View Feedback Question 10 True or false: Petronio argued that all boundary ownership is 50-50. A) True B) False View Feedback Question 11 _________ _________ refers to the degree that privacy boundaries are porous. A) Boundary shielding B) Boundary expectation C) Boundary management D) Boundary permeability View Feedback Question 12 Qualmann (Chapter 2) began the chapter with the example of Jeff Jarvis' blog post about _______ inadequate customer service. A) Verizon's B) Gateway's C) Kroger's D) Dell's View Feedback Question 13 Qualmann argued that social media can help bring ________ closer together by allowing for unobtrusive following of ________ by ________. A) companies; employees; supervisors B) families; children; parents C) clubs; members; officers D) communities; citizens; leaders View Feedback Question 14 One social media tactic that Qualmann credited Comcast with using is ________. A) emailing B) microblogging C) Snapchatting D) Facebooking View Feedback Question 15 Qualmann played on a popular slogan to help make some of the main points in the chapter. Qualmann said: A) The best part of waking up is checking Twitter. B) It's not official until I see it on Facebook. C) It's all fun and games until someone posts on myspace. D) What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube. [Show More]

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