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WGU Master's Course C706 - Secure Software Design with Complete Solutions Which due diligence activity for supply chain security should occur in the initiation phase of the software acquisition lif... e cycle? A Developing a request for proposal (RFP) that includes supply chain security risk management B Lessening the risk of disseminating information during disposal C Facilitating knowledge transfer between suppliers D Mitigating supply chain security risk by providing user guidance -Answer- A Which due diligence activity for supply chain security investigates the means by which data sets are shared and assessed? A on-site assessment B process policy review C third-party assessment D document exchange and review -Answer- D Consider these characteristics: -Identification of the entity making the access request -Verification that the request has not changed since its initiation -Application of the appropriate authorization procedures -Reexamination of previously authorized requests by the same entity Which security design analysis is being described? A Open design B Complete mediation C Economy of mechanism D Least common mechanism -Answer- B Which software security principle guards against the improper modification or destruction of information and ensures the nonrepudiation and authenticity of information? A Quality B Integrity C Availability D Confidentiality -Answer- B What type of functional security requirement involves receiving, processing, storing, transmitting, and delivering in report form? A Logging B Error handling C Primary dataflow D Access control flow -Answer- C Which nonfunctional security requirement provides a way to capture information correctly and a way to store that information to help support later audits? A Logging B Error handling C Primary dataflow D Access control flow -Answer- A Which security concept refers to the quality of information that could cause harm or damage if disclosed? A Isolation B Discretion C Seclusion D Sensitivity -Answer- D Which technology would be an example of an injection flaw, according to the OWASP Top 10? A SQL B API C XML D XSS -Answer- A A company is creating a new software to track customer balance and wants to design a secure application. Which best practice should be applied? A Develop a secure authentication method that has a closed design B Allow mediation bypass or suspension for software testing and emergency planning C Ensure there is physical acceptability to ensure software is intuitive for the users to do their jobs D Create multiple layers of protection so that a subsequent layer provides protection if a layer is breached -Answer- D A company is developing a secure software that has to be evaluated and tested by a large number of experts. Which security principle should be applied? A Fail safe B Open design C Defense in depth D Complete mediation -Answer- B Which type of TCP scanning indicates that a system is moving to the second phase in a three-way TCP handshake? A TCP SYN scanning B TCP ACK scanning C TCP XMAS scanning D TCP Connect scanning -Answer- A Which evaluation technique provides invalid, unexpected, or random data to the inputs of a computer software program? A Fuzz testing B Static analysis C Dynamic analysis D Regression testing -Answer- A Which approach provides an opportunity to improve the software development life cycle by tailoring the process to the specific risks facing the organization? A Agile methodology B Waterfall methodology C Building security in maturity model (BSIMM) D Software assurance maturity model (SAMM) -Answer- D Which phase contains sophisticated software development processes that ensure that feedback from one phase reaches to the previous phase to improve future results? A Initial B Managed C Optimizing D Repeatable -Answer- C The activities for compliance include ensuring collected information is only used for intended purposes, information is timely and accurate, and the public is aware of the information collected and how it is used. Which well-accepted secure development standard is addressed by these activities? A PIA B PA-DSS C PCI-DSS D PTS-DSS -Answer- A An organization is in the process of building an application for its banking software. Which security coding practice must the organization follow? A Run a data analysis B Conduct data validation C Validate the data source D Align business goals -Answer- B What is included in a typical job description of a software security champion (SSC)? A Identify software update source and sink B Review code to identify skill-related bugs C Develop and manage the after-SDLC stage D Consider all possible paths of attack or exploits -Answer- D Which role is a training champion of software security, an advocate for the overall SDL process, and a proponent for promulgating and enforcing the overall software product security program? A Software security user (SSU) B Software security architect (SSA) C Software security evangelist (SSE) D Software security stakeholder (SSS) -Answer- C Which role requires the technical capability to be trained as a software security architect who then assists the centralized software security group with architecture security analysis and threat modeling? A Software champion B Software evangelist C Junior software developer D Senior software programmer -Answer- A An application development team is designing and building an application that interfaces with a back-end database. [Show More]

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