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G & V - HESI- FINAL Grammar practice questions and answers docs new solution English Grammar: Select the word or phrase that makes the sentence grammatically correct. 1. A tuberculin skin t... est should be read within 24 hrs. ____ administration. a. Of b. Since c. As d. From 2. The student ______ for the final exam. a. Didn’t studied b. Was studying c. Studied hardly d. Would have study 3. My mother and___ went shopping for clothes yesterday. a. Us b. Me c. Myself d. I 4. She went to the party______ her dislike for the host. a. Although b. Even though c. Despite of d. In spite of 5. The accident_________ if the motorist had obeyed the speed limit sign. a. Never would have happened b. Never would happen c. Never happened d. Would happen never 6. She was so mad at her boyfriend, she_____ on him when he called. a. Terminated b. Hanged up c. Yelled d. Hang up 7. ____ are very ancient people. a. The chineses b. Chineses c. The Chinese d. Chinese 8. If they ____ that the weather was going to be so bad, they wouldn’t have gone to the beach. a. Had known b. Were knowing c. Knew d. Known 9. John Kennedy was a senator before he ____ President in 1960. a. Was electing b. Elected c. Had elected d. Was elected 10. It is required that he ________ the payment immediately. a. Send b. Sent c. Sends d. Sended 11. He tried to remember that names of all the people_________ were there that night. a. Whom b. That c. Whose d. Which 12. A synonym is a word _________ a meaning similar to another word. a. Who have b. That have c. Who is having d. Having 13. After having robbed the bank,_______. a. The back president offered a reward for the thief. b. The thief’s wife became very nervous. c. The police searched for the thief from many weeks. d. The thief hid at the house of a friend. Select the word or phrase in the sentence that is not used correctly. 1) After the policeman had ran for several miles, he finally caught up with the man who had stolen the purse. a) Had ran b) Several miles c) Who d) Up with 2) The man’s heart attack scared him badly and he decided having a regular check-up from then on. a) Having b) Man’s c) Badly d) From 3) Based on the principals of asepsis, the nurse should consider a sterile packet below waist level to be contaminated. a) To be b) Principals c) Asepsis d) Waist 4) I will call you when I will get back from visiting my sister. a) Visiting b) My c) When d) Will get 5) Her mother asked her what would she do after she graduated from college. a) From b) Her c) Would d) She 6) When you add sugar to it, your cup of coffee becomes not only sweet, also fattening. a) Also b) Becomes c) To d) Cup of 7) The sales man recommended that he keeps his receipt for at least a month. a) That b) For c) Keeps d) At least 8) It seem like the sun never shines on Saturday. a) Seem, b) It c) Never d) Shines 9) Of the many people what she interviewed; she chose the one with most experience. a) What b) Experience c) With d) Of the 10) Long before his death, Pablo Picasso had became one of the most important artists in history. a) In b) Long before c) Had became d) The most 11) The physician started to perform the operation, but the patient was not yet completely under anesthesia. a) Started to b) Perform c) Was not d) Completely under 12) Before his death at age 82, comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s motto was, “I don’t get no respect.” a) No b) Was c) At d) Before 13) The mailperson’s job is to put the envelope’s in every mailbox on the block. a) Every b) Block c) Envelope’s d) Mailperson’s 14) The charge nurse overheard the nursing assistant discussing the private details of a client medical condition with personnel friend in the hospital cafeteria. a) Details b) Overheard c) Client’s d) Personnel 15) The car that he had seen at the Ford dealer was the one that he final decided to buy. a) Was b) Had seen c) To buy d) Final 16) He had already finished studying at an university when he was called to join the army. a) Was called b) Studying c) Had already d) An 17) The nurse asked the patient to choose ate items from the menu that are his favorites. a) Ate items b) To choose c) His favorites d) That are 18) He ate for pieces of fried chicken at dinner, and no vegetables. a) Ate b) For c) No d) At 19) The most important things in my life are making money, traveling abroad, and to live well. a) In b) To live c) The most d) Are 20) It’s true that children depend in their parents for food, clothing and shelter. a) It’s b) In c) Clothing d) That 21) Identify the dependent clause in this sentence: The mother dog left her bed as soon as the puppies were asleep. a) As soon as the puppies were asleep b) Left her bed as soon as c) The puppies were asleep d) The mother dog left her bed 22) Which sentence is grammatically correct? a) Somebody left his or her jacket on the train b) Several lost his or her keys on this train ride. c) Does everyone have their train tickets ready? d) Is everyone ready for their ice cream sundaes? 23) Identify the incomplete sentence. a) He wept. b) Everything worked out all right. c) While they were sleeping. d) Babies are sure cure and cuddly. 24) Which sentence is grammatically correct? a) The dog catches the Frisbee good. b) The band did good during the half time show. c) Sarah plays her new saxophone well. d) The band that played before ours was well. 25) Select the sentence in which legal is used as an adjective. a) It is legal to were green on March 17th. b) He did not know that jaywalking was not legal. c) It is not legal to jaywalk d) He is a legal resident of the United States. 26) What sentence should replace the following incorrect sentence? “This door to remain unlocked when occupied.” a) This door to remain unclosed while open. b) This office must have the door unlocked at all times. c) This door will remain unlocked when office is occupied. d) This sentence is correct as written. 27) Which word is used incorrectly? Which procedure for giving injections were explained thoroughly to the student nurses. a) Were b) Thoroughly c) Student d) Procedure 28) Which phrase should be moved to the end of the sentence? The painted decided to use the urn as his subject with flowers on the table. a) With flowers b) The urn c) The painter decided d) As his subject 29) Select the sentence in which snake is used as a verb. a) The cobra is venomous snake. b) The spy had to snake his way furtively onto the train. c) The plumber used his snake to open up the clogged pipe. d) You are being a snake when you steal from me. 30) Which sentence is grammatically correct? a) Gosh, I be odering a V-8! b) Gosh, I coulda had a V-8! c) Gosh I could have had a V-8! d) Gosh, I should ordered a V-8! 31) In which sentence is the form fast used as an adverb? a) The fast car drove over the bridge. b) The batter could not hit the fast pitch c) The clock on the wall is 10 minutes fast. d) The cars on the overpass moved fast. Vocabulary 1. An apartment is advertised as being furnished. What does this mean? a. The first month’s rent must be paid in advance b. It is equipped with articles c. It has just been repainted d. The utility bills are included in the rental cost. Select the meaning of the underlined word in this sentence 2. The instructions were concise. a. Incomplete b. Hard to understand c. To the point d. Easy to understand 3. This is an ominous sign. a. Without deceit b. A good omen c. Threatening d. Full of though 4. The client lost his equilibrium when he woke up. a. Ability to sallow b. Sense of balance c. Ability to speak d. Sense of taste 5. The doctor tried to explain the fundamental difference of the two medications. a. Underlying b. Appropriate c. Basic d. Dosage 6. The nurse assisted the physician in removing the cast from the patient’s arm. a. Protective devise b. Bandage c. Medicated salve d. Sling 7. The nurse was asked to record the residual urine in the patient’s bladder. a. Total volume b. Measurement c. Color and clarity d. What is left 8. The patient’s tremors ceased when the medication was administrated. a. Intensified b. Stopped c. Decreased d. Changed 9. The dietician instructed the patient to supplement her diet. a. Limit b. Add to c. Substitute d. Increase 10. A mother called her healthcare provider to report she had discovered a node on her child’s upper arm? a. A mall rounded mass b. Oozing blood c. A blister d. A reddened area 11. The nurse reported that patient’s circulation to that foot was occluded. a. Impaired b. Normal c. Obstructed d. Inadequate 12. The doctor wanted to ensure adequate pain relief for the patient. a. Available b. Appropriate c. Enough d. Required 13. My grandmother used to tell me, “Anything in excess can be a sin.” a. Creating a nuisance b. More than is needed c. Not allowed d. Desirable 14. Recovery is contingent on many factors. a. Reliable b. Important c. Increasing d. Dependent 15. When something is diluted, what is the outcome? a. Decreases the temperature b. Makes it weaker c. Combines with an acid d. Creates a sterile field 16. The healthcare provider gave the patient a comprehensive examination. a. Through b. Follow-up c. Sketchy d. Referral. 17. The drug’s purpose was to suppress the coughing instinct. a. Initiate b. Subdue c. Decrease d. Urge 18. The medication was intended to constrict the pupils. a. Make smaller b. Sensitize c. Dilate d. Make bigger 19. Which word means to place under observation? a. Surveillance b. Cogitation c. Assessment d. Isolation 20. The client appeared to be impervious to pain. a. Coping well b. Enjoying c. Very sensitive d. Not affected 21. His deteriorating condition caused the nurse to call the doctor. a. Increasing b. Voracious c. Worsening d. Volatile 22. The topic of discussion prompted a cornucopia of stimulating questions and conversation. a. Ostracism b. Pensive c. Laborious d. Plethora 23. The medication must adhere to the patient’s skin to be effective. a. Stick b. Absorb c. Adjust d. Match 24. The drizzling, cool rain felt exhilarating, especially after long, sun-scorching drought. a. Parched b. Jaunty c. Refreshing d. Lachrymose 25. He complained of the adverse side effect of his new medication. a. Constant b. Noticeable c. Undesirable d. Frequent 26. The flaccid nature of his handshake caused the nurse to look up at him. a. Strength b. Indifferent c. Limp d. Enthusiastic 27. The doctor instructed the patient to keep his head elevated. a. Raised b. Still c. Thrown back d. Turned 28. The impending operation was the subject of the conversation. a. Very serious b. Soon to occur c. Required d. Elective 29. Inoculation is the preferred way to deal with flu epidemic. a. Desired b. Required c. Necessary d. Requested 30. Which word means to suggest, to hint, to express indirectly? a. Imply b. Latter c. Opinion d. Infer 31. As the leader of group, the charge nurse is open to new ideas and thoughts of the group. The charge nurse encourages the group to participate in making decisions. This type of leadership is called a. Direct b. Laissez-faire c. Autocratic d. Democratic 32. Which word describes someone who is always the last to get ready? a. Vigorous b. Tawdry c. Burgeoning d. Lethargic 33. What does the word dynamic mean in this dialogue? a. Very abnormal b. In motion c. Historically relevant d. Totally silent Choose the correct word to use in the black. 34. _________ Of thinking does not allow a professor to consider another point of view. a. Flexibility b. Rigid c. Flexible d. Rigidity 35. The ___________ student was not well liked by his peers. a. Detestable b. Gregariousness c. Affably d. Geniality 36. There was no ______ for the way she treated her boyfriend. a. Alibi b. Rational c. Justification d. Reasonable 37. The number of people _______ from other countries to the United States has caused a shift in unemployment in the textile market. a. Migrating b. Emigrating c. Immigrating d. Emigrated 38. In the United State, drivers drive cars on the _______ a. Right b. Off-side c. Rite d. Left 39. Which word denotes the description of events in the order of their occurrence? a. Chronology b. Helicon c. Natation d. Documentation 40. What word means “a system procedure to follow”? a. Regimen b. Treatment c. Testament d. Regime 41. Which word is used to denote a comparison? a. Quantity b. Then c. Than d. Verdict 42. A person who is said to be “very sensible” is likely to posses which characteristic? a. A reasonable understanding b. Nostalgia about object c. Easily gets feelings hurt d. A deficiency in moral concerns 43. High blood pressure, or hypertension, typically has an insidious onset. What does the term insidious indicate? a. No obvious symptoms of a disease. b. Readily observable symptoms of illness c. Acute symptoms lasting 24 hours d. Vague complaints of being tired. 44. A patient is scheduled for exploratory surgery. What does exploratory means? a. To reduce scar tissue in the are b. To investigate the patient’s complaint c. To extract a diseased organ d. To repair a torn ligament or vessel. 45. If you were asked for a receipt, what would you give the person? a. A recollection of the recent events b. A written acknowledgement for goods c. A check for the correct amount d. a list of items needed to bake a cake. 46. The New coach means? a. Sacrosanct b. Lethargic c. Affable d. Tortuous 47. Which word refers to a team caption’s exaggerated claims about the amount of goals he or she scored during the game? a. Objective b. Precept c. Hyperbole d. Eulogy 48. Which word describes what a cat, who is clearly scared of a Rottweiler, will do when the dog enters the room? a. Cower b. Engender c. Enhance d. Replicate 49. Which word means to banish, to shut out, or to exclude? a. Ostracize b. Auspicious c. Ultimate d. Exercise 50. Which word is descriptive of small child just learning to walk? a. Geriatric b. Obese c. Hale d. Toddler 51. What does the word Feasible means? a. Unlikely b. Awesome c. Practical d. Impossible Affect: to influence or to produce a change in something The rain severely affected our picnic. My sister had a flat affect through the soggy ordeal. Effect: the result of a change The effect of this weather was that we all got wet. Our family wants effect change in the park. . [Show More]

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