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Spring 2021 MGT 6203 FINAL EXAM PART1 – THEORY (Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Spring 2021 MGT 6203 FINAL EXAM PART1 – THEORY (It took me 69 minutes on 5 May 2021) Week 1 Q1) What would be the null hypothesis for the regression F-test for the following equation Y = β0 ... + β1 x1 + β2 x2 + u A. β1 = 0 and β2 = 0 B. β1 = 0 or β2 = 0 C. β0 = 0 and β1 = 0 and β2 = 0 D. β0 = 0 or β1 = 0 or β2 = 0 Answer: A. Explanation: the regression F-statistics test the joint null hypothesis that the values of all the coefficients of explanatory variables except the constant are 0. The intercept is not included in the hypothesis. (Week 1, slide 24 and 32) Week 2 Q2) We have the following regression equation: life_span = B0 + B1*HoursExercisePerWeek + B2*Smoker + B3*Exer_Smoker HoursExercisePerWeek is a continuous variable Smoker is a dummy variable (1 is smoker, 0 is non-smoker) Exer_Smoker is an interaction term HoursExercisePerWeek* Smoker Which variable impacts the intercept on the y axis? A. HoursExercisePerWeek (b1) B. Smoker (b2) C. Exer_Smoker (b3) D. All of the above Answer: B. Week 2, page 19, slide 2 Explanation: HoursExercisePerWeek (b1) and Exer_Smoker (b3) impact the slope only. Week 3 Q3) As X increases by 1%, y changes by b1% holding all other factors constant. Which model can be interpreted like this? A. Log-Linear Model B. Log-Log Model C. Linear-Log Model D. Polynomial Answer: B. Week 3, slide 17, upper Week 4 [Show More]

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