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American-Heart-Association-Cpr-Review Questions with accurate answers, 2022

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American heart Association Cpr Review Questions with accurate answers, 2022 Why do we preform C.P.R? - ✔✔To maintain life (To Save a life) What is the compression rate or speed for C.P.R -... ✔✔A 100 Compssions per minute 100>1 How ment compressions to ventilations are given in 1 rescuer C.P.R - ✔✔30 Compression's > 2 breaths How meny compressions to ventilations are given in 2 people C.P.R - ✔✔Adult> 30 compressions / 2 breaths Infant> 15 compressions/2 breaths When should you call 911 if you witness an infant or child become non-responsive? - ✔✔Immediatley When should you call 911 if you Do NOT witness a child or infant become non-reponsive? - ✔✔After you check for a response, Do 5 cycles of C.P.R and then call 911 How do you allow a chest to recoil after each compression? - ✔✔Let it expand compleately How do you open a non responive patients airway? - ✔✔Head tilt > chin lift Rescuers should try to reduce the amount of interrruptions to _?_ . This will increase the chance of the victims survival! - ✔✔You should limit them to _10_ seconds List the four universal steps for an AED - ✔✔1) POWER ON the AED.2) Attach pads. 3) Analyze (clear patient) 4)Press shock button ( If directed) What could happen if someone is touching a victim @ the same time the AED is delivering a shock - ✔✔The Rescuers or Other party will be shocked as well After 'No shock advised' should you or shoudl you not remove the pads from the patient? - ✔✔You SHOUL NOT remove the pads becuase the EMS Can utilize the pads upon arrival List the ' ABCD's of C.P.R - ✔✔A) Airway. B) Breathing. C) Circulation/Compression. D) Defibrillation Of the four Steps Of the ABCD'S What step increase's the victim chance of survival the most - ✔✔Defribrillation. [Show More]

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