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NURS 5308 Krista Hampton IHUMAN Case Study 5 Krista Hampton

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CC: 25 y/o F “I have this ugly looking rash on my upper thighs” HPI: Ms. Hampton is a 25 y/o female presenting with an itchy and tender rash bilaterally on her inner thighs, and her left inner fo... rearm. The rash started about 36 hours ago after hiking in Napa with her boyfriend. She states she spent time hiking, tried a new sunscreen, tried new foods such as scallops and a new drink, as well as spending time in the hot tub with her boyfriend. She reports that her boyfriend does not have similar symptoms, and that she has not tried any treatments for the rash. PMHx: Child: “usual coughs and tummy ache nothing remarkable.” Adult Illness: Denies SurgHx Medical: None Surgical: None Obstetric: None Hospitalizations: None FamHx Maternal grandfather died of CVD at age 81. Grandmother (age 88) has prior heart attack, stent and HTN. Mother alive and well. Father alive and well, treated for HTN. Brothers - 35 and 32 both alive and well. Sister - 21 alive and well. SHx Tobacco: Denies ETOH: Socially Illicit Drugs: Denies Occupation: English teacher for 7th and 8th grade CONTINUED...... [Show More]

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