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HESI A2-HESI Chemistry exam-with 100% verified answers and rationales-2022

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HESI A2-HESI Chemistry exam-with 100% verified answers and rationales-2022 1. Which of the following substances allows for the fastest diffusion? A. gas B. solid C. liquid D. plasma... Explanation: Diffusion is fastest through gases. The next fastest medium for diffusion is liquid, followed by plasma, and then solids. In chemistry, diffusion is defined as the movement of matter by the random motions of molecules. In a gas or a liquid, the molecules are in perpetual motion. For instance, in a quantity of seemingly immobile air, molecules of nitrogen and oxygen are constantly bouncing off each other. There is even some miniscule degree of diffusion in solids, which rises in proportion to the temperature of the substance. 2. What is the oxidation number of hydrogen in CaH2? A. +1 B. 1 C. 0 D. +2 Explanation: The oxidation number of the hydrogen in CaH2 is –1. The oxidation number is the positive or negative charge of a monoatomic ion. In other words, the oxidation number is the numerical charge on an ion. An ion is a charged version of an element. Oxidation number is often referred to as oxidation state. Oxidation number is sometimes used to describe the number of CONTINUED........ [Show More]

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