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1. who may not understand the stress put on you as an emt?(Answer) friends and family 2. in many states a minor may be considered as an adult for the purpose of consenting or refusing if the minor ... is(Answer) emancipated (Answer) lives by themselves and self- supported 3. when do we palate a patient's pelvis(Answer) MOI suggests it 4. what does the spinal cord pass through at the base of the cranium(Answer) forena magnum 5. what fills the entire posterior / anterior of the right upper quadrant(Answer) the liver 6. if you are doing a secondary assessment on a conscious patient with no traumatic abdominal pain and stable vital signs. what do you focus on(Answer) chief complaint 7. who regulates the standards for pre hospital emergency care(Answer) the state office of ems CONTINUED........ [Show More]

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