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NUR 2115 / NUR2115 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Final Exam Review |Rated A | Latest, 2020/2021| Rasmussen College

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NUR 2115 / NUR2115 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing Final Exam Review |Rated A | Latest, 2020/2021| Rasmussen College 1. What are the 4 types of assessments? - Initial comprehensive, - f... ocused, - emergent, and - time-lapsed 2. What is a nursing diagnosis? - The recognition of a problem that the nurse can treat independently without a physician-prescribed intervention 3. What should the nurse use when planning patient care to ensure the patient is receiving the most helpful care possible? - Evidence based practice 4. A patient requests that all 4 side rails be raised at night, is this a form of restraint? - No. Having 4 side rails up is only a restraint when not requested by the patient. 5. What are the QSEN core competencies? - Patient-Centered Care - Teamwork & Collaboration - Evidence Based Practice - Quality Improvement - Safety - Informatics 6. What does a normal stoma look like? - Red, moist, round 7. What are different tools to assess pain? - 1-10 scale, - face scale 8. What is peristalsis? - A contraction that occurs every 3 to 12min that moves the stool through the intestines. 9. What are the functions of the skin? - Sensation - Vitamin D production - Immunologic - Absorption - Elimination - Protection - Body temperature regulation - Psychosocial 10. When is a patient's pain level tolerable? - When they say it is 11. What are the phases of wound healing? - Hemostasis (immediately after injury, blood vessels constrict, swelling occurs) - Inflammatory (last 4-6days, WBCs move in, macrophages enter the wound) - Proliferation (begins 2-3d post injury and lasts up to 3wks, new tissue is built) - Maturation (3wk-6mo, collagen is remodeled and formed, scar is a thin, flat, white, line) 12. What can help influence regular bowel movements? - High fiber foods and drinking 2000-3000mL a day 13. How soon after giving a pain medication should you reassess a patient's pain level? - IV - 30min or less, PO - 30min-1hr 14. What is the difference between wound dehiscence and evisceration? - In wound dehiscence the muscle remains intact, - in evisceration the muscle opens and intestines can fall out of the body [Show More]

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