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Core Mandatory Part II (Nursing) Study Guide

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Core Mandatory Part II (Nursing) Section 1: Age-Specific Patient Care Introduction Purpose/Overall Goal Course Objectives Communication Across the Ages Complex Communication Needs Neonates: Bir... th-28 Days Infants and Toddlers: 0-3 Years Young Children: 4-6 Years Older Children: 7-12 Years Adolescents: 13-20 Years Young Adults: 21-39 Years Middle Adults: 40-64 Years Older Adults: 65-79 Years Adults Age 80 And Older Summary References Section 2: Cultural Competence Introduction Purpose/Overall Goal Course Objectives Cultural Diversity Valuing Diversity Assessing One’s Own Cultural Competency Managing Cultural Differences Managing Cultural Differences: Asking Non-Judgemental Questions Managing Cultural Differences: Listening Carefully Managing Cultural Differences: Setting Realistic Goals for Behavior Change Managing Cultural Differences: Solving Problems Together Managing Cultural Differences: Working with An Interpreter Incorporating Cultural Knowledge into Care Adapting to Diversity Barriers to Culturally Competent Care Clinical Outcomes Summary References Section 3: Ethics Introduction Purpose/Overall Goal [Show More]

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