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Blood flow Inferior SUPERIOR VENA CAVA->RIGHT ATRIUM->RIGHT VENTRICLE VIA TRICUPSID VALVE->TO THE LUNGS VIA PULMONARY TRUNK/PULMONARY SEMILUNAR VALVE/PULMONARY ARTERY->BACK TO THE LEFT ATRIUM VIA P... ULMONARY VEIN->LEFT VENTRICLE VIA MITRIAL(BICUPSID) VALVE->GOES TO THE BODY VIA AORTA/SEMILUNAR VALVE Layers of the EPIDERMIS (outer to inner layer) Stratum Corneum(SC) Found in the heel/no nuclei-> Stratum lucidum(SL) absent in thin skin/no nuclei-> Stratum Granulosm(SGr)->Stratum Germinativum(SGerm) mitosis occurs contains stratum basale and stratum stratum spinosum Layers of the skin Epidermis(Keratin/layer of dead cells/no blood flow Dermis(innermost layer of skin) contains blood vessels/sensory nerve endings/fibrous connective tissue, Hypodermis sebum oily secretion by sebaceous glands arrector pili muscle goosebumps makes hair stand up dermal papilla Responsible for fingerprints, found between dermis and epidermis apocrine and eccrine 2 types of sweat glands Apocrine found in armpits and comes in during puberty smell Eccrine found on arm/legs etc and most numerous no smell Pacinian corpuscles deep touching e.g grabbing Meissner's corpuscles fine touching e.g like wind simple squamous maximum diffusion(substances pass thru easily) e.g gas exchange in lungs, alveoli, Blood vessels, lymph vessels simpe cuboidal secretion/absorption e.gGlands and Kidneys simple columnar epithelium secretion, and absorption e.g. uterus DI Tract stratified squamous epithelium function Protects underlying tissues in areas subjected to abrasion stratified cuboidal epithelium function protection [Show More]

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