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NCEA test 2022 with COMPLETE SOLUTION | 125 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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What is absent in a hypo-pigmentation disorder? - ✔✔pigment is lacking Dyschromia - ✔✔Abnormal pigmentation What causes post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation? - ✔✔occurs from injury or tr... auma to the skin with inflammation. often a result of an acne condition or surgery. Folliculitis - ✔✔bacterial infection of a hair follicle MRSA and how to prevent it - ✔✔an extremely dangerous bacterium that is often found in healthcare settings and in particular surgical settings, spread by touching membranes like the nose. Diligent hand washing before and after using the restroom is recommended. Importance if knowing and recognizing disorders and diseases of the skin. - ✔✔The combinations of a variety of factors influence the skin and create the current state of the skin. Glogau Classification System - ✔✔is based on a client's aging analysis and photodamage as indicators for the skin's condition. Extrinsic Aging - ✔✔controllable factors that contribute to the aging of skin, ex- sun exposure, environmental factors, etc. Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification - ✔✔based on basal skin color and the skin's response to ultraviolet radiation exposure. How to identify acne - ✔✔visible comedones (blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts) [Show More]

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