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ServSafe Manager Exam. COMPLETE SOLUTION with 80 Questions And Answers.

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what should you do when taking a food order from customers who have concerns about food allergies - ✔✔Describe each menu item to the customer who ask, including any "secret" ingredients What te... mperature should the water be for manual dishwashing? - ✔✔Must be at least 110 F A food handler just finished storing a dry food delivery, which step was done correctly? - ✔✔Stored food away from the wall What should be done with food that has been handled by a food handler who has been restricted or excluded from the operation due to illness? - ✔✔Throw it out Single use gloves are not required when - ✔✔Washing product What should a food handler do to make gloves easier to put on? - ✔✔Select the right size gloves What should food handlers do after leaving and returning to the prep area? - ✔✔Wash hands What rule for serving bread should food handlers practice? - ✔✔Do not re-serve uneaten bread What does the L stand for in the FDA'S ALERT tool? - ✔✔Look What is the minimum internal cooking temp for chicken breasts? - ✔✔165°F (74 °C) for 15 seconds What factors influence the effectiveness of a chemical sanitizer? [Show More]

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