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ATI Capstone Post Assessments Questions with Accurate Answers with Explanation.

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ATI Capstone Post Assessments Questions with Accurate Answers with Explanation. A pregnant client has a history of giving birth to one set of twin boys, one term girl and 2 early spontaneous abort... ions. What is her gravida and para? - Ans-She is gravida 4, Para 2 Gravida indicates the number of times the mother has been pregnant, regardless of whether these pregnancies were carried to term. A current pregnancy, if any, is included in this count. Para indicates the number of >20 wks births (including viable and non-viable i.e. stillbirths). Pregnancies consisting of multiples, such as twins or triplets, count as ONE birth for the purpose of this notation. A nurse is providing care for an uncircumcised male newborn and his mother. What information should be provided during discharge regarding bathing of the penile area of the newborn male? - Ans-To cleanse an uncircumcised penis, wash with soap and water and rinse the penis. The foreskin should not be forced back or constriction may result. The 24-year-old client inquires about use of the diaphragm for birth control. What five (5) instructions would be provided by the nurse to explain use of the diaphragm? - Ans-●A client should be properly fitted with a diaphragm by a provider. ●Replaced every 2 years and refitted for a 20% weight fluctuation, after abdominal or pelvic surgery, and after every pregnancy. ●Requires proper insertion and removal. Prior to coitus, the diaphragm is inserted vaginally over the cervix with spermicidal jelly or cream that is applied to the cervical side of the dome and around the rim. The diaphragm can be inserted up to 6 hr before intercourse and must stay in place 6 hr after intercourse but for no more than 24 hr. ●Spermicide must be reapplied with each act of coitus. ●A client should empty her bladder prior to insertion of the diaphragm. ●Diaphragm should be washed with mild soap and warm water after each use. A nurse is providing teaching about fibrocystic breast tissue with a client. What information will the nurse share with the client about diagnostics used to confirm the diagnosis? - Ans-Diagnostics for fibrocystic breast tissue include breast ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration.A client asks the nurse how often she should get a Papanicolaou (Pap) test. What is the correct response by the nurse to the client? - Ans-21: All women begin screening for cervical cancer 21-29: Pap test every 3 years; HPV unnecessary unless needed following an abnormalPap test 30-65: Pap and HPV every 5 years Older than 65: May discontinue testing if regular screenings have been negative; If diagnosed with cervical precancer, continue to screen List three (3) actions by the nurse should take during the assessment and data collection steps. - AnsRecognize patterns or trends. Compare the data with expected standards or reference ranges. Arrive at conclusions to guide nursing care. When witnessing an informed consent the nurse must ensure that the provider gives the client the necessary procedural information. Identify information the provider should disclose to the client to obtain an informed consent. What is the role of the nurse in this process? - Ans-The Provider obtains the informed consent. To do so, the provider must give the client: · The purpose of the procedure· A complete description of the procedure. · A description of the professional who will perform and participate in the procedure. · A description of the potential harm, pain or discomfort that might occur. · Options for other treatments. · The option to refuse treatment and the consequences of doing so. The nurse must notify the provider if the client has more questions or appears not to understand any of the information. The provider is then responsible for giving clarification. [Show More]

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