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Prophecy- Core Mandatory Part III (Nursing) Answered 100% Correct.

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Prophecy- Core Mandatory Part III (Nursing); Answered Which of the following statements is true about pain? - Patients in pain will not necessarily have changes in their vital signs Which sta... tement is accurate concerning the portability of advance healthcare directives? - In some cases, if the laws are similar, a state will accept the AHDs. Which of the following statements is accurate concerning advance healthcare directives? - Emergency medical technicians cannot honor the AHD An advance healthcare directives: - Afford legal immunity for healthcare professionals and family members from civil and criminal liability when AHDs are followed in good faith If you suspect child abuse, which of the following is a correct action to take? - State agency is contacted and you have their permission to allow the child to leave with the parent/caregiver The type of abuse that involves intimidating, ridiculing, or degrading someone is called: - Psychological abuse Victims of sexual harassment should: - Keep a record of the harassment Gender harassment, the most common type of sexual harassment, involves: - Unwelcome obscene jokes Which of the following statements is accurate? - Providers should always consider alternatives to the use of physical restraints Healthcare professionals are required to report suspected cases of child and elder abuse: - In all states Advance health directives (AHDs) are: - Important for everyone, even those who are healthy Which of the following is true about opioid use: - Patients may develop a tolerance for opioids over time and may need higher dosages for pain relief [Show More]

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