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AQA_AS Level Physics Paper 1_Question Paper 2022 | Practice Paper 1

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AQA_AS Level Physics Paper 1_Question Paper 2022 | Practice Paper 1 - - 1 (a) (i) Name two baryons. _________________________________________________________ (2) (ii) State the quark structure o... f the pion +. _________________________________________________________ (1) (b) (i) The K+ kaon is a strange particle. Give one characteristic of a strange particle that makes it different from a particle that is not strange. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ (1) (ii) One of the following equations represent a possible decay of the K+ kaon. K+ → π+ + π0 K+→ μ+ + State, with a reason, which one of these decays is not possible. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ (2) (c) Another strange particle, X, decays in the following way: X → π– + p (i) State what interaction is involved in this decay. _________________________________________________________ (1) Name: Practice Paper 1 Maximum marks: 85 Time Allowed: 2 hours These questions are from past papers covering topics and skills based on the advance information to help you prepare for the exams this summer. Answer all questions in the spaces provided. You will need a Data and Formulae Booklet This document is licensed to Haggerston School - MB260045 AS-LEVEL PHYSICSPage 2 (ii) Deduce whether X is a meson, baryon or lepton, explaining how you arrive at your answer. - - [Show More]

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