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Test Bank For Wongs For Nursing Care Of Infants And Children ;10th Edition Merilyn Hockenberry/, David Wilson./RATED A

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Chapter 1: Fetal Lung Development Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following phases of human lung development is characterized by the formation of a capillary network around airway passag es?... a. Pseudoglandular b. Saccular c. Alveolar d. Canalicular ANS: D The canalicular phase follows the pseudoglandular phase, lasting from approximately 17 weeks to 26 weeks of gestation. This phase is so named because of the appearance of vascular channels, or capillaries, which begin to grow by forming a capillary network around the air passages. During the pseudoglandular stage, which begins at day 52 and extends to week 16 of gestation, the airway system subdivides extensively and the conducting airway system develops, ending with the terminal bronchioles. The saccular stage of development, which takes place from weeks 29 to 36 of gestation, is characterized by the development of sacs that later become alveoli. During the saccular phase, a tremendous increase in the potential gasexchanging surface area occurs. The distinction between the saccular stage and the alveolar stage is arbitrary. The alveolar stage stretches from 39 weeks of gestation to term. This stage is represented by the establishment of alveoli. REF: pp. 3-5 2. Regarding postnatal lung growth, by approximately what age do most of the alveoli that will be present in the lungs for life develop? [Show More]

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