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Week 8 Reflection NR511 Differential Diagnosis and Primary Care.

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Clinical Experience and Gap Review After careful review of the clinical encounter summary, I was able to identify gaps in types of patients I have seen during my clinical rotation. In my clinical r... otation for NR 511, I followed one preceptor in the family practice setting where I saw a total of 172 patients and completed 129 clinical hours. During this rotation, I had the opportunity to see a wide range of the adult population from age 18-95. The majority of the adult population fell in the age range of 66-75. Upon reviewing the clinical report from the MyEvaluations logging tool, about 86.63% of the patient population seen in this clinical rotation were African American, which is representative of the ethnic population in the Orange county of Orlando Florida. I also saw 8 Caucasian patients (4.65%), 12 Hispanic or Latino patients (6.98%), also 3 American Indian/ Alaskan Native descendant patients (1.74%). Lastly, only a few procedures were carried out during my rotation. I was able to perform one PAP smears, a breast exam, and mostly venipuncture. I was lucky enough to have a clinic that performed x-rays inhouse and I was also able to see and learn from a diagnostic testing stand point. [Show More]

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