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ATI RN Medical-Surgical Proctored Focus. For Goal Achievers. Download for high grades

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EGD positioning - left side lying Before an EGD: - -NPO 6-8 hr -remove dentures Gastroenteritis care plan: - -restrict dairy, caffeine, milk -eat foods high in potassium -increase fluid intake ... -contact precautions In what order do you open the sterile package? - flap furthest from body, side flaps, then closest A nurse has removed a sterile pack from its outside cover and place it on a clean work surface in preparation for an invasive procedure. Which of the following flaps should the nurse unfold first: A. closest to body B. right side C. left side D. farthest from body - D A nurse is wearing sterile gloves in prep for performing a sterile procedure. Which of the following objects can the nurse tough without breaking sterile technique (Select all that apply) A. bottle containing sterile solution B. edge of sterile drape at the base of the field C. inner wrapping of an item on the sterile field D. irrigation syringe on the sterile field E. one gloved hand with the other gloved hand - C, D, E A nurse has prepared a sterile field for assisting a provider with a chest tube insertion. Which of the following events should the nurse recognize as contaminating the field (Select all that apply) A. provider drops a sterile instrument onto the near side of the sterile field B. nurse moistens a cotton ball with sterile normal saline and places it on sterile field C. procedure is delayed 1hr because the provider receives an emergency call D. nurse turns to speak to someone who enters through the door behind the nurse E. clients hand brushes against the outer edge of the sterile field - B, C, D TB is suspected, what to do? - -negative airflow room, airborne precautions -nurses wear N95 mask, client wears if going out of the room -admin heat & humidified O2 therapy as prescribed TB interventions: - -family members should be screened -4 meds taken for 6-12 months -not contagious when they have 3 negative sputum cultures What to watch for when on Isoniazid: - numb/tingling in the hands & feet What to watch for when on Rifampin: - -orange secretions normal -watch for jaundice -interferes with birth contro [Show More]

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