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Students rated as “developing” demonstrate increasing clinical reasoning abilities as they apply their knowledge of advanced practice competencies. In comparable programs, 25% of students perfor... m at the level of a developing practitioner. Review your results in the tabs on the left side of the page to identify areas for improvement. Subjective Data Collection 49 out of 50 Objective Data Collection 63 out of 73 Digital Clinical Experience Score 93.1% Hey . what is your name Question 09/19/20 8:16 PM CDT Tina Jones. what is your date of birth Question 09/19/20 8:16 PM CDT February 17th. how old are you Question 09/19/20 8:16 PM CDT I'm 28. what brought you to the clinic today Question 09/19/20 8:16 PM CDT I came in because I'm required to have a recent physical exam for the health insurance at my new job. do you have a current health problem (Clarified to Do you have health concerns?.) Question 09/19/20 8:16 PM CDT I don't have anything specific going on today. I mean, I still have asthma and diabetes, but both of those are under control. I'm taking good care of my health these days. (Clarified to if I have health problems.) what is your new job Question 09/19/20 8:17 PM CDT I'm going to be an Accounting Clerk at Smith, Stevens, Stewart, Silver & Company. I'll be helping a more experienced accountant with her clients, and then eventually I'll get more responsibility, and build my own client list. I start in two weeks--I'm really excited! that is great! [Show More]

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