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(As level) OCR A chemistry 2020 depth paper & mark scheme

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Mark Scheme June 2016 3 Annotations Annotation Meaning Correct response Incorrect response Omission mark Benefit of doubt given Contradiction Rounding error Error in number of significant fi... gures Error carried forward Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Benefit of doubt not given Noted but no credit given IgnoreH033/02 Mark Scheme June 2016 4 Abbreviations, annotations and conventions Annotation Meaning / alternative and acceptable answers for the same marking point ? Separates marking points DO NOT ALLOW Answers which are not worthy of credit IGNORE Statements which are irrelevant ALLOW Answers that can be accepted ( ) Words which are not essential to gain credit Underlined words must be present in answer to score a mark ECF Error carried forward AW Alternative wording ORA Or reverse argument [Show More]

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